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Chosen Four-bots - by Actionfighter

Chosen Four-bots

Now Ness isn't the only one with a unique robot.

Other Submissions by Actionfighter

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Actionfighter Abduction
I've decided to submit my fanfest picture to fanart. Here's the first, Paula being nabbed by the Department Store Spook.
1/24/11 0.00
Actionfighter Chosen Four-bots
Now Ness isn't the only one with a unique robot.
1/24/11 0.00
Actionfighter Happy Saturn
Blue blue, is kay-o!
Just a little doodle I did on the computer for my media studies work from a couple years back.
9/29/10 8.00
Actionfighter Haunted
Having failed in his duties to protect both the Earth and his friends in the Fourside sewers, Ness goes to drown his sorrows in milk at the bar. But, he cannot forget his mistakes, maybe he ought to pay a nurse a visit?
1/24/11 0.00
Actionfighter Jeff's New Toy
Jeff's giving everyone else laser envy.
7/13/11 0.00


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