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Sunbathing - by Actionfighter


Living in Winters, Jeff's body isn't quite used to being in the sun.

Other Submissions by Actionfighter

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Actionfighter Pork Tank
The third and final of my piggy drawings from some time ago, and the only one that isn't just a direct drawing of a sprite! More a combining of two sprites.
10/1/10 0.00
Actionfighter PK Beam Omega
A follow-up picture to my previous one, also made for the MOTHER fanfest. Here, Ana shows her true power!
6/13/11 0.00
Actionfighter Pigmask Cake
A cake my aunt made for me for my seventeenth birthday ovr a year ago. Filled with strawberry jam, not piggy jelly.
10/12/10 10.00
Actionfighter Pigmask
The first of three piggy drawings I did a while ago.
10/1/10 0.00
Actionfighter Paula's Department Store Surprise
A little two-panel strip I made for the Fanfest last year. Apparently $998 is a good price for a yoyo in Eagleland.
3/21/11 0.00


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