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Hinawa's passing - by SaturnStorm

Hinawa's passing

That fateful evening, at the beginning of the game, the sad night that changed the village, and the island. So much tragedy struck that night, with an ominous path set in the days to come that would ruin so many lives. The night stole away an integral and pivotal member of the island that night: Hinawa's death.

When you add that to the fire that nearly consumed Fuel, the enemies that toppled Lighter, the mice that for whatever reason would bite people on the head, and other monsters that emerged from these mysterious circumstances, it all looks so very unfortunate. People were being thrown aside left and right, with no regard or concerns, for the sake of bringing the city under an ominous spell.

But what if Hinawa's death wasn't a side-effect? What if someone had planned that?

To start, let's think about what we know about Hinawa. Flint's wife, Lucas and Claus's mother, loved by everyone in the village. If you've seen the official flukes that came about on Itoi's site ( in conjunction with one of the Mother 3 albums (Mother 3+ or 3i I don't recall), you also see that Hinawa was one of the gossipping women who would stand by the well in town. Very few people in town were absent from her funeral (or at least at the same time as Flint), which really goes to show how many lives she touched. Her loss was felt.

So now, look to 4 years later. To where someone else plays an integral and influential role to the village, who puts up loving airs to everyone who approaches, and stands gossipping with the ladies in the centre of town. Someone who is very much not female, but suspiciously feminine. A suspected Magypsy to boot.


Fassad's role isn't hard to see through. We, as a player, know what the cruel animal-abuser is doing, pulling the wool over everyone's eyes under the pretense of making everyone's lives better. We know a lot of what he says to the villagers isn't what he means, but how did he manage to keep so many of the villagers from catching on?

I wouldn't be surprised if Yokuba had been monitoring the village for a long while before the attack. How would he know who to divert attention from and take out in order to have everyone look to him when it all went wrong? Flint and Lighter were threats, since if they caught on they'd chase him out of town before he could grab enough attention. But would Hinawa have been?

Personally, I think 'yes'. She, as Flint's wife would have believed him if he saw what Fassad had planned. Her role in the village meant she'd be able to sway everyone's opinions against the Magypsy should the need arise. This would not do, as you could imagine. So taking her out, and more importantly, taking her role, was probably pretty high on the to-do list.

As for Claus, in his anger-filled drive for vengeance? I suspect that was a pleasant side-effect. Not intended, but certainly welcome to the plans of the Pork Army.

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