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Maria's Nowhere - by SaturnStorm

Maria's Nowhere

Once, some time in the past, I touched upon an idea that was very quicky quashed by some of the resident theorists. The act was one I found surprising. Not because the idea was admittedly kinda whimsical, but because it came without much argument, just a sharp and simple 'no' and a few murmurs of the word coincidence.

Which is something I heavily dispute.

The idea delves into just how similar Maria's Magicant in Mother 1 is to the Nowhere Islands of Mother 3. It also comes with the possibility that at some point Maria had visited the islands, long before the End of the World and all that came with it.

Back when I first presented the idea, it came with the similarity in placement of the village below the castle, the forests to the left, and even the first seashell house near and to the right of the castle. Then you have some things I don't recall bringing up. Heading to the right is the labyrinth in the holes (only one hole leading to the exit). We've got a dragon sleeping underneath the whole shiznit. Heck even by this point we have a lineage of fake royalty, the whole Maria situation turned on it's head. Coincidence? Hardly. Heavy throwback for the fans? Really? Have you ever known Itoi to just lump things in willy-nilly?

One thing should probably be touched on, here. Magicant, as has been mentioned before, probably in about a million places, is made up of the imagination and memories of the creator. Ness's Magicant shows us this really well, what with all the strange childhood memories and people he met that had an impact on his life. Up to and including his own fear, the nightmare that manifests itself as the Mani Mani statue.

Yet Maria's Magicant shows none of this. We know this is her Magicant, and we know (suspect) the Forgotten Man to be a memory of someone she used to know. But there's very little connection between her Magicant and Mother 1's reality, save for the melodies.

So why would it be so hard to believe, exactly, that the Nowhere Islands, which we know had once been inhabited before the end of the World, were somewhere Maria had once trodden? That they were somewhere that had such an impact on her life that her Magicant took that form? Would it truly be so hard to consider it possible? Does it damage a theory somewhere along the lines, and need stepping on?

Personally, I think this is worth the muse. If for nothing more than a good story.


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