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A Collection of Thoughts and Theories Surronding Magicant - by AmateurGamer

A Collection of Thoughts and Theories Surronding Magicant

This is basically just a bunch of ideas I came up with while playing EarthBound and reading about Mother 1. So yes, it’s half EarthBound stuff and the other half Mother stuff, but it all applies to both games and I am going to compare the two Magicants in them.

I think Magicant is really a manifestation of a person’s mind, filled with thoughts and memories literally cluttered all over the place. I think a Magicant exists in everybody, but it can only be reached as a result of certain experiences. So how does Ness’ Magicant differ from Queen Mary’s (Maria’s)? Well, I think Ness’ Magicant is sort of a final test for Ness to unlock his mind once he has taken control of his Sanctuaries; he manually has to enter his own mind and purge it of evil thoughts and fears- personified as the Mani Mani Statue. However, I don’t think this necessarily means the Mani Mani statue’s influence actually existed in Ness, but it’s more of a symbol for evil. Once Ness destroys this evil and fear, his mind becomes free and he can tap in to the power hidden inside of him (which obviously would include PSI). Notice that Magicant also disappears after Ness realizes his true power. This is why I also think Magicant is a cloud or block in our minds that keeps us from unlocking our true potential through the evil existing in them. In other words, it’s keeping us from taking full control of our brains and posssibly becoming super humans with psychic powers (in EarthBound, at least)!! Ness was able to conquer Magicant, however. This may be simply because he is part of the Chosen Four, or because of the PSI powers he was born with, or it could just be some Apple of Enlightenment prophecy thing. But most importantly, Ness was able to defeat the evil inside him, clear the clouds away from his mind, and enlighten himself to greater power. That’s why Magicant disappears afterwards.

However, in Maria’s case, she could not conquer her Magicant without Ninten’s help. Remember how Ness’ Mom tells Ness he can remain in Magicant forever, if he wishes? I think this was the fate Maria was subject to, until Ninten intervened: being trapped in Magicant. While Ness conquered his nightmare, Maria was constantly being tormented by hers (“I am scared! I am scared!”) in a perpetual mental limbo. But how did she get there in the first place? I think Maria was capable of entering Magicant due to her interactions with Giegue and his race of advanced beings, which made her capable of a higher level of thinking, and maybe even PSI! But once her memories of George and the 8 melodies were shattered by Giegue, her mind retreated into Magicant until it could be sorted out. Once she recalls the melody with the help of Ninten, all her memories of George and Giegue come flooding back to her… and Magicant disappears, because Maria had finally cleared the clouds in her mind, just like Ness did!

So, that’s my interpretation of Magicant.

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