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Forgive Us our Trespasses: Chapter 5 - by ohboy

Forgive Us our Trespasses: Chapter 5

An elderly priest goes on the adventure of his life when his parish at the edge of Podunk becomes zombie-infested.

Other Submissions by ohboy

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ohboy One Under the Moon
Three months after the journey to save the Earth is over, Ness returns to his normal life. However, he still misses Paula, and even more so under the light of the moon.
11/19/11 0.00
ohboy The Taint of Mani-Mani
Tentative prologue to a longer work. Geldegarde Monotoli is haunted by his past, and the climax of his deceitful behavior comes to fruition.
12/10/11 0.00
ohboy Fears and Insecurities
Ness reaches the top of the Monotoli Building where Paula is, filled with rage and ready to pummel her kidnapper. A two-part account of how both Ness and Monotoli might have felt during the incident.
11/19/11 0.00
ohboy The Last Few Moments
Ness looks back at his life before he was joined the war against Giygas, and then how it changed him.
9/17/09 0.00
ohboy Quantum Leaping Through Winters: Part One
In a crossover with "Quantum Leap", Sam, who leaps into Jeff Andonuts, has to travel across Winters in order to save Ness and Paula, while the real Jeff is whisked into the future.
7/3/09 0.00


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