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Eternanoodles, the secret of Lifenoodles. - by firej7

Eternanoodles, the secret of Lifenoodles.

From the ashened questions we let burn out, Pheen-X tries to bring these questions back to life, with an inferno of answers. Question, I love noodles, you love noodles, everybody better love noodles. So, have you heard of dem lifenoodles. Said to revive the dead, said to find the lost, said to deface the laws of physics themselves! But...have you ever tried them? I can personally say I have, more than once.
There flavor is not one to brag about, but, there's an ingredient within them that if SOME PEOPLE would look on the label. It's an ingredient called, MRH. What the letters stand for is Magically Reviving Hotsauce. This sauce had mixes of both Jalapenos, soy sauce, and a hint of rock candy and miricale med, that was said to make any spirit want to return back to its body, just for a taste.
Now, I'm not one for spice, yet the mix of all the other flavors and the soba noodles, mmm. And don't get me started on the water chestnuts, de-li-cious. Uh, umm, hmm, where was I, oh yeah, th-the MRH, right.
Turns out, the MRH is never really used, and has since been removed from the markets. Only one drop was placed in each cup of noodles. Anymore and...well, the spice would be over powering enough to literally burn your tounge off and have it be revived to seriously give you a beating.(I've seen said incident from one of my former partners. It was very tragic...and flippin hilarious. Seriously, I have the vid on youtube!)
Now, the noodles were originally sold to the public, but after a little boy tried to feed it to her dead goldfish. It came back to life after it was flushed, and was able to convince some of its aquatic friends to take revenge on the land dwellers.(we now know him, as Aquaman).
After that incident, the noodles were takin off the stores, yet, what about those noodles that were still available? Well, hehehe, this is why you find them all around the area in Earthbound.
Before the Mr. Saturns took over the canyon to make it Saturn Village, the abundance of the removed noodles was dumped into the canyon they called home. Not only does this explain why the Saturns live so long, but also how the noodles get so pleasantly gift wrapped around the area. The Saturns decided they wanted to share their eternal youth with the other inhabitents of the world. So they pleasantly wrapped up the noodles, and placed them as far as their little stubby legs could get them(it varied). Of course, since they had no clue where anyone lived...they winged it.
So, now ya know what the secret of the noodles is, how they got in the pretty gift boxes, and why not a lot of stores sell them. And thus, another question is set to light up a nice, stew smelling flame. This is Pheen-X saying, (well at this point more like drooling), I'm ordering me a pizza!

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