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The Origin of the Cup of Lifenoodles - by Shatterstar

The Origin of the Cup of Lifenoodles

The Cup of Lifenoodles appears in both Earthbound and Mother 3. This item is known to cure any and all status ailments, and it even recovers a fallen party member to full HP and PP. It's obviously a very good item to have in your inventory.

This item is likely a parody of the real life Maruchan Instant Lunches and Nissin Cup Noodles which are brands of instant ramen noodle snacks and are packaged in a polyethylene foam, hard plastic or paper cup. These products are known for being inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Noodles are a type of food made from any of a variety of dough and typically cut into long thin "ribbons". The dough that the lifenoodles are made from is legendary and the Mr. Saturns are behind the operation. A Mr. Saturn in the cave between lower and upper Saturn Valley gives you a cup of lifenoodles after defeating Master Belch.

They secretly grow the organic wheat, turn it into flour, turn it into dough, turn it into noodles, put them in biodegradable cups and then hide them in gift boxes around the world.

Also some enemies are found with cups of lifenoodles on them, what's the explanation? Well, lots of EarthBound enemies are found with items you wouldn't expect them to carry. Spiteful Crows carry Cookies. There is only one explanation: jooj.

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