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The Wooly Shambler - by ClassicGamingGuy

The Wooly Shambler

The Wooly Shamblers are prototypes of Starman Juniors. They are slightly smaller than regular Starmen, they have the same type of arms as Starmen, and under the wool you can see two feet that look a lot like that of a Starman’s. And I know those parts are not part of the wool because those parts in the sprite do not have a wool-like texture. And plus, look at how it’s head is shaped. Looks like a Starmen head doesn’t it? So I think they are prototypes of Starmen Junior that went haywire, which would explain why it has a diffrent style of “eyes” than Starmen, as they’re probably part of the plans for the original model. As for why it’s covered in wool,they mercilessly slaughtered all of the Gruff Goats and used their wool for protection, explaining why the Gruff Goats are no longer in Winters.

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ClassicGamingGuy The Wooly Shambler
What they could actually be.
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