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Sword of King/Dalaam Theories - by AmateurGamer

Sword of King/Dalaam Theories

Prince Poo of Dalaam… We are given surprisingly little on his background, other than the facts that he is Prince of Dalaam and has choice taste in his equipment. But what is the significance of this equipment, and why is it scattered across the world, rather than safely kept in the reaches of the Palace of Dalaam? This theory shall explain it all!

Let’s start off with an analysis of the name “Sword of Kings.” Despite Poo only being otherwise referred to as Prince Poo, all of his choice equipment contains the word “Kings.” This may be because the Sword of Kings, along with the Diadem, Bracer, and the Cloak, has been passed down from generation to generation in the ancient royal family of Dalaam, and Poo is next in line to inherit this gear, as his father, the previous King of Dalaam, once did.
About Poo’s father, where exactly is he? All of the Chosen Four in EarthBound are plainly revealed to have a father, except for Poo, but why is this? Well, it seems to be that Poo’s father has been killed, or has otherwise disappeared; leaving Poo to oversee his country and prepare to become the next King of Dalaam, hence why there is only one throne in the Palace. Dalaam may previously have been raided by Giygas’ army, or the “Starman Empire,” around the same time the meteorite hit in Onett, or perhaps weeks before. Poo’s parents could have been abducted, or possibly murdered, by the Starmen, who also ransacked the Palace and stole the royal equipment, scattering it across the world, but keeping the Sword in possession of one of the Starman Supers. Thus, Poo has been training with his masters ever since, undergoing trials of strength and discipline, in order to avenge his family and destroy Giygas and the Starmen once and for all, as one of the Chosen Four.
When you first roam around Dalaam as Prince Poo, you may notice that many of the citizens of the floating utopia make references to Poo’s “training,” and his newly “serious lifestyle,” as well as how much he has changed recently. I theorize that this is a result of Poo losing his parents, and subsequently beginning his Mu training. I think Poo underwent Mu training in order to overcome the devastating loss of his parents and the hatred for his enemy, and so as to prepare him for being the next king of Dalaam. Personally, I feel that it is very symbolic how Poo travels around the world, collecting the mementos of his past, like his father’s bracer, cloak, crown, and, of course, his sword. And, in turn, they became his own. This is very much like Ness traveling across the world collecting the Melodies, and making Magicant his own, which also unlocked memories and emotions.
Extra thoughts and theories: The idea of Poo being an orphaned warrior with his mind set on vengeance for his family greatly aligns him with Teddy, from Mother 1, who was also the “Warrior” of that particular Chosen Four (I seek vengeance for my parents. To the mountains!!).
Also, perhaps the Spirit of Mu was intentionally made to resemble Poo’s father? Not literally his father, of course, but symbolizing him in order to make the final trial of Mu a more emotional and a greater hurtle to be passed. I mean, imagine a figure representing your father breaking your legs and taking your senses away. I would want to turn back, wouldn’t you?

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