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Theory - You can never trust a mayor - by NorthofOnett

Theory - You can never trust a mayor

After Ness returns from Giant Step, he is swiftly greeted by a member of the Onett Police force and is told to report down to the station immediately. The reason being that Ness was trespassing the Traveling Entertainers' Shack, which was locked.

Do you remember who gave Ness the key to open the shack, though? It was B.H. Pirkle, Mayor of Onett. Before Ness left for Giant Step, the Mayor told Ness that he couldn't be held responsible for anything that happened to him, should he give him the key. Ness probably thought the Mayor was referring to his safety, since he was heading to a cave with attacking mice and slugs. But perhaps Mayor Pirkle gave Ness the key knowing very well that he would get in trouble with the police for trespassing! And Pirkle wouldn't be held liable, either, since Ness gave Pirkle his word that he wouldn't.

Now although Ness wasn't brought into custody, he was told to go down to the station. He had no idea what was in store for him, though, as Captain Strong's best men were there to fight him! And even after Ness beat them all, Strong himself attacked! So the question is, why would the entire Police Force attack a 12-year old kid? Certainly not for trespassing, I hope! (This is still America, after all. I assume the police don't beat people up for trespassing.)

Now, pretty much the only time someone attacked Ness was if they were under the control of Giygas. Buzz Buzz told Ness that even animals would fall under the influence of him, as well as some weak-minded people. Who knows? Maybe B.H. Pirkle was being controlled by Giygas at that point in time, and he told the police force that they needed to stop Ness from getting to Twoson. A mayor does have more power than the police, so he could have easily manipulated them into doing what he wanted (or what Giygas wanted). And even if Pirkle didn't directly attack Ness, he still influenced others to do the work for him, which is exactly what Giygas was doing (at least until the very end when he has to face Ness himself). But really, the only one who really desired to stop Ness from saving the world was Giygas, and he used people and things on Earth to try and keep Ness from pressing on.

But this would prove to be a meager and pitiful attempt to stop him, though. Ness easily defeated 5 cops and continued on towards saving humanity.

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