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Stonehenge Base theory - by AmateurGamer

Stonehenge Base theory

For some reason, there is a certain man who lingers around Stonehenge, all throughout the events of EarthBound. After making a slightly offensive remark about the intelligence of today’s youth, he will give Ness and his friends some interesting backstory on this ancient formation…

“These stones are making a pattern. It’s called Stonehenge. UFO’s often visit here… Yes, THAT Stonehenge.”

Interesting, right? Well, it seems to be that Stonehenge is quite the hotspot for otherworldly visitors, including Giygas’ army. But this mysterious man also implies that aliens have visited Stonehenge in the past, as well. In world history, the age of the pyramids are also dated at around the same time as the creation of Stonehenge (3000-2000 B.C.). Therefore, I consider it safe to theorize that there is some sort of connection between Stonehenge and the Scaraba legend:

What if the Stonehenge base was created by the alien invaders to serve as a temporary control center during their war with the Scarabians? This would support the idea that these ancient interlopers were indeed of a very advanced race, such as Giygas’ or the Starmen’s, and that during the events of EarthBound they were simply getting their old station back online after all these years. The actual formation of Stonehenge itself could very well have been created by the Cave Boys, even longer before Giygas’ race first reached Earth. Since it stands out so conspicuously, it would make sense that the aliens would choose to place their main headquarters there. This also explains why Giygas’ highest concentration (and most highly ranked) of soldiers on Earth is situated in the Winters area.


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