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MB Shattered Reality: CH1 P3 - Tracy's Fear - by Mercurial Magypsy

MB Shattered Reality: CH1 P3 - Tracy's Fear

mbshatter - #04
Ness comes downstairs to a frightened Tracy telling him that something bad has happened to Eagleland...

I know this is starting really slow, but I was thinking of finishing Chapter 1 of Mother 3: Symphony before making more progress on MotherBound Shattered Reality...

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Mercurial Magypsy Jeff and Donuts
Jeff enjoys some pastries with his buddy Tony. Jeff has a chocolate donut while Tony has a glazed blueberry muffin cake donut (there's a donut shop in my town that makes those, THEY ARE AWESOME).

Originally I wasn't going to have Tony in there but decided to throw him in because hey why not.
4/23/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Jewel Man with Magypsies
Okay, there's kind of a long story behind this one.

So, my friend and I are at A-Kon and we're drawing in her sketchpad. We were drawing all kinds of dumb stuff.

I drew Jewel Man from Mega Man, then decided to draw him with Magypsies and... yeah...

Only Doria and Mixolydia because thats just how I felt like.

Also experimenting with darkening Missy's skin-tone (it's a headcanon thing, I personally think Mixolydia should be kinda tan from all the sun exposure she possibly gets on that island, not whiter-than-white...).
6/11/12 0.00


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