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Dancing Queen - by PKMechaMinawa

Dancing Queen

I suppose Ana just enjoys dancing, she might as well be the queen of it one day.

Other Submissions by PKMechaMinawa

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PKMechaMinawa A Christmas Kuma
I drew this sometime ago before Christmas vacation~
1/30/10 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Call me Pollyanna - Cover
cmp - #00

A comic-ized version of's first Roll play to be completed, created by Lazyboy21350 and Multibottlerocket. It was crafted by many Starmen's talented writers with bright minds and wonderful characters and I have taken it into my hands to recreate CmP for viewing eyes. With a famillar cast and one of new, I present Call me Pollyanna!
7/4/10 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Call me Pollyanna - Page 1 - Setting Out to Oshoe.
cmp - #01
The first page, young Lucas decides to go visit his manly female friend
7/4/10 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Call me Pollyanna - Page 2 - The Fierce Kumatora's Plan
cmp - #02
Finding an odd portal Kumatora hatches a plan!
7/4/10 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Call me Pollyanna - Page 3 - Lucas the Brave, Duster the Alone
cmp - #03
With Kumatora disappeared, Lucas bravely runs into the portal leaving Duster alone
7/5/10 0.00


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