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Halfbound - by GlitchLord


A good cover page for the half bound series. If I do say so myself.

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GlitchLord Halfbound
A good cover page for the half bound series. If I do say so myself.
8/24/12 0.00
GlitchLord Halfbound page 3
We start out we chapter one with Picky (I've was not paying attention and was miss spelling his name. It will be right from now on) at the door, we learn that Tracy wants to be like Ness and help people but like her mother doesn't like the Minchs.
8/24/12 0.00
GlitchLord Halfbound page 4
Tracy and Picky's journey is getting ready to start.
Ness is never alone as long has his family and, friends loves and supports him. Such things are never lost, no matter where you are. It's incredible how much this saying looks like it belongs in EarthBound.
8/25/12 0.00


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