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Blue Blue Paula - by Lucas_Claus

Blue Blue Paula

It's a blue, blue marathon! I'll probably do Jeff and Poo, too :)

Other Submissions by Lucas_Claus

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Lucas_Claus It's da Masked Man...again!
Sorry for submitting this twice, but I just realized what was missing from the last submission: his cheeks! D: It's amazing how one tiny detail can fix an entire picture!
8/13/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Just Claus
I REALLY like how this one turned out! This one was done Paint, too.
8/12/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Kumatora
I'm trying a new style. You don't have to like it. I'm just experimenting with Paint :) ...But if her head were really that big, she would flop over.
8/9/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Kumi
I don't know what she's doing, kay-o?
8/17/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Kumi
She's havin' fun...unlike me at the moment ;_;
6/6/13 0.00


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