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The Story of Negative Man - by CerealQueen

The Story of Negative Man

Negative Man was not always so upset, just the contrary. At one time, Negative Man was ever so happy with his peaceful life. He was the strongest, the cutest, and the most well respected creature in Argilla Cliffs. He was also the happiest. He had even been promoted to be a Needle Guardian.

One day, he noticed his most precious possession had vanished; it was his meteotite. He fell into a panic and began looking day and night. It was valuable and extremely hard to come by. He was absolutely sure a Mystery Metal Monkey took it. He went out to confront them, but they denied ever even knowing he had such an item.

To his dismay, after many long days with no progress, he gave up. He began to think he must be pretty weak if even such a weak opponent could easily steal from him. None of these creatures must respect him anymore. He must have been weak and pitiful.
Soon after, he retreated to a cave in hopes no one would ever find him. He had lost his confidence and only felt sorrow. He felt he wasn’t worthy to be the guardian of such an important role. He just wanted to cry.

Little did poor Negative Man know was his precious meteotite was in his back pocket the whole time.

Other Submissions by CerealQueen

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CerealQueen Being Friends
1/1/13 10.00
CerealQueen Blossom
1/1/13 0.00
CerealQueen Insanity
Will you be able to figure out what is real and what is only an illusion? This story has deeper meanings to things and symbolism you may not pick up on unless you look. Also, I used poor witty comparisons and jokes. All in all, I hope you enjoy.
10/30/12 0.00
CerealQueen Items are Gold
Giygas gave items to his minions because he wished to see them all die.
9/7/12 0.00
CerealQueen Mournful Child
This is something I wrote for a Monthly Prompt Topic. It contains many Mother 3 end spoilers.
11/19/12 0.00


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