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Theory - by CerealQueen


While many believed it was only a mere folktale, the Mother series directly connects with a legend discovered in our own world: the Annual Gift Man from the Moon. This chap is the famous leader of the well known holiday, EB No Matsuri, and is the cause of the random gift boxes found in the Mother universe. Because his holiday comes but only once a year, Annual Gift Man tends to bore of life on the moon. All he has to do to prepare for EB No Matsuri is to cultivate his immense stock of flesh-eating virii and make the occassional bid on ebay for an EB cart. His wonderful band of kangaroos are not much fun either, especially considering Blinkey's recent withdraw of Hostess Twinkies.

So, the infamous man boards his bathtub and sets off on an adventure himself. He finds it amusing to fill boxes, decorated as presents, with random junk he finds on his travels. With his specialized telescope, when he returns home to the moon, he amuses himself with the reactions of those his find his gifts. Because of this hobby, it is the true orgin of his infamous name.

He also finds it hysterical when one opens a gag box. He especially found it suitable to fill Saturn Valley with a bundle of, stinky surprises...
He laughs as a boy finds an enemy in a box and the reaction of the man who is surprised with a rotten pastrie right after being blasted in the face with ghostly gas. It is true, the Annual Gift Man cares not about the well being of any hero, but simply does so to amuse his own self. Whether you choose to take the bait is solely your own choice, but be warned for the surprise that may be in store.

Other Submissions by CerealQueen

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CerealQueen Being Friends
1/1/13 10.00
CerealQueen Blossom
1/1/13 0.00
CerealQueen Insanity
Will you be able to figure out what is real and what is only an illusion? This story has deeper meanings to things and symbolism you may not pick up on unless you look. Also, I used poor witty comparisons and jokes. All in all, I hope you enjoy.
10/30/12 0.00
CerealQueen Items are Gold
Giygas gave items to his minions because he wished to see them all die.
9/7/12 0.00
CerealQueen Mournful Child
This is something I wrote for a Monthly Prompt Topic. It contains many Mother 3 end spoilers.
11/19/12 0.00


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