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What is a Mr. Saturn doing all the way in Happy Happy Village? - by KyleRXZero

What is a Mr. Saturn doing all the way in Happy Happy Village?

The Mr. Saturns were first introduced by Happy Happyism through the mail. They got a peculiar postcard via Escargo Express. Whether it was the depressing image it adorned or the creepy message contained therein; there wasn't a Saturn in Saturn Valley that was tempted to pick up a blue paintbrush and join up.

The story behind how the lone Mr. Saturn wound up in Happy Happy Village started when a strange creature attacked Saturn Valley. It was Master Belch! The fowl smelling beast was quick to enslave many a helpless Saturn with the aid of his Belch Army. He needed slave labor at his factory to make Fly Honey; Master Belch's favorite treat. The Belch Army marched the slaves out of Saturn Valley, towards Grapefruit Falls.

Now, it’s unknown what exactly happened next. Whether this poor Mr. Saturn was feeling depressed at the situation or just really clumsy. Whichever the case, one unfortunate Saturn fell into the Grapefruit Falls waters and the rapids carried him down the river.

He awoke in a hospital in Happy Happy Village. The Nurse there told him that he was found in Peaceful Rest Valley, washed up on the shore. Some cultists found him and brought him to the hospital. It didn't take long for the Mr. Saturn to long for going back home to Saturn Valley, but he was stuck. Peaceful Rest Valley was too dangerous to trek through. He found a vacant house on the west edge of town, and the first thing he did was start redecorating. He stayed locked inside most of the time, to avoid the crazy cultists. He often thought about his friends in Saturn Valley and hoped he could get the word out about them, so maybe someone strong could help them.

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KyleRXZero What is a Mr. Saturn doing all the way in Happy Happy Village?
What is a Mr. Saturn doing all the way in Happy Happy Village?
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By KyleRXZero
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