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EarthBound Plays: Episode 1 - by MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19

EarthBound Plays: Episode 1

Episode 1: Everdred, Master Thief. The kids head to Summers for a day at the beach, but end up running Everdred all over town to hide him from some angry men.

Other Submissions by MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19

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MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19 EarthBound Plays: Episode 8
Episode 8: A Day at the Movies, EB Style. Ness is bored at home with some friends, so they decide to check out the movies.
4/4/05 0.00
MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19 EarthBound Plays: Episode 6
Episode 6: Down with Mr. Saturn. Zombies have long since been exiled from Threed, and now the townspeople need something else to fear. In steps a curious character who gives them just that. Ness and Co. will have to set everyone straight.
4/4/05 0.00
MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19 EarthBound Plays: Episode 5
Episode 5: Beware of Fern! Plants have taken over Onett! Ness and a couple buddies are out to put a stop to this flora foray.
4/4/05 0.00
MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19 EarthBound Plays: Episode 4
Episode 4: Come See Poo! Lier X. Agerate is in desperate need of cash. After reading the morning paper, he gets a big idea to profit off of a celebrity.
4/4/05 0.00
MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19 EarthBound Plays: Episode 3
Episode 3: Jeff Andonuts the Idiot. Jeff is thrown into a deep depression when he gets back his report card. His friend Tony will try to cheer him up, but it won't be easy.
4/4/05 0.00


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