The Joy of EarthBound Funfest: The Results are In!


First, I want to send a message to all those who participated in the fest or streams. From the entirety of the staff who brought you this fest, we thank you for joining us in another memorable festival. We deeply appreciate you for your patience and for joining us! Now, let's get to business and announce those who placed!


In Third Place:

In Second Place:

In First Place:


In Third Place:

In Second Place:

In First Place:


In Third Place:

In Second Place:

In First Place:


In Third Place:

In Second Place:

In First Place:

Seriously, thank you to all who participated this time around! There were so many incredible entries, you seriously gave the judges a hard time! Your entries are the heart and soul behind these fests, so we deeply appreciate it! We hope you'll participate again in the future.

Please, give it up to all our winners! They each did an absolutely incredible job! Also, thank you to all those behind the scenes who made this Funfest possible!
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Forum Games: Mafia Survey


Hello there,!

Today, we ask those of you who've played in our popular mafia games for your feedback as we try to better your experience. Our goal is to make these games more engaging and inviting to both the newer and older crowd, so please consider taking a few minutes and participating in the survey. Not only would it help us out, but hopefully the entire experience.

You can find the survey here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the thread.

Thank you so much for your time!
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FotW: No Crying Until the End


Let's begin the weekend with another round of Fanart of the Week!

Today's Fanart of the Week winner is SkyMaro with his fantastic drawing of the Mother cast!

For some time now, SkyMaro has been redrawing the cover to his comic book adaptation of the original Mother game, about once every to years or so since 2008. Every year, it's improved quite drastically and I am impressed. I especially love how the characters wear a somber, but determined expression.
Congratulations, SkyMaro! Enjoy your deserved badge and I do hope your consider posting your future work on the forums, especially the revised cover 2 years from now!

Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

FANART | READ COMMENTS (1) 2017.09.01 @ 23:42 CDT by CerealQueen

Monthly Prompt Post: Silence is not Always Golden


Let's take a look at the submissions for Monthly Prompt Post.

The idea of Monthly Prompt Post is simple. I give you a prompt, and you give me a story. The story can be about the Mother series or something completely original, as well as everything in between!
Get your story done on time and you will receive this wonderful badge:

In addition, there are upgrade badges for participating 5 times: and 10 times: as well!
Another upgrade badge has also been thrown into the mix!
For anyone who participates a whopping TWENTY times will get this wonderful badge:

But there's more! While these entries can be about whatever you like, any Mother-related entries submitted automatically qualify for Fanfiction of the Month! In addition, you are free to review other stories from the thread if you want to snag yourself the Review Badge (but be helpful to the author of course!)

This is a great way to keep practice and motivate yourself to write!

Without further ado, let's look at all of August's wonderful submissions! The prompt, was: Silence!

Wow! So many wonderful submissions! I love the turnout, so thank you all for participating and reading!

Next month's prompt is Plummet! Monthly Prompt Post always ends on the last day of the month, so get submissions in by the end of September 30th!

For see the full set of rules, see the full list of entries, or submit to the prompt, check the thread!

Hope to see you all participate this month!
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Joy of EarthBound Funfest: Submissions Galore


Hello there, all! I might be a bit late, but as the funfest has wrapped up and we await results, I wanted to recognize the other entries submitted! Thank you to all those who participated and best of luck in the upcoming days! If your entry has not appeared on either newspost, just drop me a PM!

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Project Ultimate Chimera: We're Still Chompin' Away

Hello people of Starmen.Net!
I wanted to post an update and let you all know about Project Ultimate Chimera (PUC).

In case you didn't know, PUC is devoted to filling the empty pages of the game sections on the main site. This includes not only the Mother series, but the Smash games as well. We want to offer all as much and as detailed info as possible and that's exactly what this project is for.

It's been a long process and we're certainly not done yet, but we've made quite a bit progress. The finished tasks have been cut down, a few more available tasks have been added, and if we're able to check off a bit more on the Mother games, I'll be opening the project all all Smash games.

Not only will participating help the site, but you can earn a badge, rank, and even an avatar! Full details on rewards and jobs can be found on the PUC board.

Also, I want to take this time to acknowledge Ostricho for all his efforts as he has went above and beyond and earned the Fenomeno badge! Congratulations and thank you so much for your work!

Remember, for any and all concerns or questions about this project, please PM me, CerealQueen!

Thank you all for your efforts! We really do appreciate it!

Check out the Project Ultimate Chimera board if you want to sign-up!
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Artist Spotlight - Somewhere Over the Raenbow


How is your weekend going? Let's have ourselves another Artist Spotlight!

This month's winner is RaeOvertheRainbow

This artist's work has a great display of different stylistic approaches. With rough lines and soft splays of color he can capture an innocent and endearing side of his subjects and with defined lines he can make them pop out to capture the audience's attention to detail. Excellent work!

I am proud to award RaeOvertheRainbow this badge. Please keep submitting! I do love seeing your work!

Artist's spotlight updates the 1st Saturday of every month! Hope you're looking forward to it!

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Fanworks Friday: The Final Frontier


What's a better way to start off the weekend than with a fabulous round of Fanworks Friday?

Today's Fanart of the Week winner is Lopuii with her amazing drawing of Mother 2's girl psychic Paula!

Such a beautiful piece! This piece is overflowing with depth and the details are impeccable. This piece made great use of negative space and movement. Slanting the focal point in the center allowed for light to shine through the top portion near Paula's face and a rich shrouded darkness to also be present at the bottom. Her dress separated both elements beautifully and made it simply whimsical and full of movement. Very well done!
Congratulations, Lopuii! Enjoy your deserved badge and I do hope your consider posting your future work on the forums!

Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

To see the Undertale Fanwork of the Week winner, check after the jump!

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Theories: Not all that Glitters is Gold


Roses are red, violets are blue, I like some theories, how bout you?

The last theory was: Just what exactly is the true nature of the Mani-Mani Statue?

As you can see, there were some phenomenal responses, but the Theory of the Month Winner is StarstorMew!

Remember, participate 10 times and get this Giygas badge!

You can now check your progress here.

Check after the jump to read StarstorMew's awesome theory! (and also see what the next prompt is~)

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Joy of EarthBound Funfest: A Vast World


Hello,! I come today to remind you all of the Joy of EarthBound Funfest we currently have going on! There's about 10 more days to get a submission in and if you have not already, be sure to check it out! Not only is it a fun way to bond with the community, but there's also a chance to win prizes!

Just take a gander at these amazing submissions!

So many fantastic entries so far!
If you don't see your work here, no worries! Check back next week for another batch!

Remember, the Funfest ends on August 13th, so be sure to get those submissions in! You can submit and find the info about the streams on the board!
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