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MOTHER 1 Cursors & Icons:

MOTHER 1 Icons:

Icon ATM by ShadowX
Icon Bed by ShadowX
Icon Bunny by Eggy
Icon Capsule by Eggy
Icon Chair by ShadowX
Icon Flamingoes by Eggy
Icon Fountain by Eggy
Icon Grave by Eggy
Icon Large Tree by ShadowX
Icon Medium Tree by ShadowX
Icon Phone by Eggy
Icon Bones by Eggy
Icon Bones by Eggy
Icon Sign by ShadowX
Icon Sign by ShadowX
Icon Small Tree by ShadowX
Icon Table by ShadowX
Icon Trash by Eggy
Icon Ana sprite by ShadowX
Icon EVE by Eggy
Icon Pippy by Jart04
Icon ATM by Eggy
Icon Cash Register by ShadowX
Icon Dog House by ShadowX
Icon Ninten & Co. by STAREYe
Icon Ana clay model by ShadowX
Icon Loid Clay Model by ShadowX
Icon Ninten Clay Model by ShadowX
Icon Teddy Clay Model by ShadowX
Icon Loid Sprite by ShadowX
Icon Ninten Sprite by ShadowX
Icon Pay Phone by ShadowX
Icon Phone by ShadowX
Icon Animals by STAREYe
Icon Animals by STAREYe
Icon Teddy Icon by ShadowX

MOTHER 1 Wallpaper:

Angel Mata
Justin Anderson

MOTHER 2 Wallpaper:



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