Game Boy Advance Fanthoughts

Wow, I sure got quite a response! If you haven't sent one in, send one now! I'm really looking forward to them!

Well, on with the fanthoughts.


We should rather have it on GameCube?

I think it's all bull to tell you the truth. Why couldn't Nintendo finish the job if the game was already half done? Doing this was just a waste of their time, and a waste of ours. EB on the GBA would be ok I guess, I still would have rather seen it on the N64 and surely on the GameCube. I think I'm about to change my nick to PO'edMrSaturn......bye.


I think this is a good opinion...

If released on the Game Boy Advance, it would be refreshing to see the Mother series remain in its sprite origin.

By using the extended capabilities of the Advance to create games at least EarthBound's length, which I'm sure is possible, it's entirely likely that Nintendo could create a game longer than EarthBound, which would be a pleasant surprise, as EarthBound relied very little on graphics... it dedicated much of its memory to plot and gameplay.

Just to see Mother 3 with increased gameplay -- even though its graphics might make it the latter-day version of its pariah prequel, EarthBound -- would be simply wonderful.


Some great ideas for what could be done on GBA

Ever since Playstation, Nintendo has been losing ground with consale gaming, and I believe that Game Cube will not be able to compete with PSX2. However, Nintendo has dominated the portable market, in fact last year 30% of all games sold were for Game Boy Color. Game Boy Advance will tear up the market. A Mother 3 game would be perfect, with mode 7 graphics the sequal would look as good, if not better than the origonal. Portability would be a big plus. Riding in the car, flying on an airplane, or sitting in school :) Earthbound would be everywhere. A head-to-head mode would be nice, if it allowed you to choose enemies to control. And finally interactivity with a GC version.

The Orange Kid

Too Much Hype...

I personally can't believe all the hype about the stupid GBA. It's like, I only just got a GBC this Christmas. I've always been wary of GB technology because (1) I'm usually a few years behind it and (2) when I was a kid, I couldn't rent GB games like I rented NES games. Ahh, back in tha' day when I rented games every weekend... those were the golden days. But I digress. EB on GBA would be okay, I guess. Better small than never.


GBA are fun!

I would PREFER Mother 3 to come out for GBA, rather than GameCube, because EarthBound would be awesome to be portable! A re-release of EarthBound for Game Boy Advance would be welcome to me, also. But if Mother 3 came out on GBA, they could still have much improved graphics due to the fact that GBA supports 32-bit graphic acceleration, like the PlayStation, twice the power of an SNES.

To me, the lethal combination for a blockbuster Mother 3 would be:
*A good plot WITH the original characters (not some old cowboy and his dumb dog)
*Same graphics, but improved 3-D art, etc. during battles
*The same funkiness that made us all love Mother 2.

--Mad Mumblings of Harvey Swick

...I wish I knew Japanese...

If Mother 3 were to come out on GBA, it would probably be better than a Gamecube release. They could drop the 3D thing, go back to the 2D evironment with the sprites, and keep in tradition of the first 2 games. Plus, it would be pretty cool to play Mother 3 on a road trip, right? I really don't care how its released, but if Nintendo doesn't release it, I'll beat them over the head with a flaming weasel!
Watashi-wa aibo Kisaki Joanna!



If the series was released for the GBA it would look almost exactly like it's parent Mother 2. The feel of the game would remain not that the feel would not be in 3-D. But using 2-D is more traditional and would feel more well.. traditional. Although some improvments I would personally like to see would be...
- Improved Battle Sprites
- More than for chars (Part Swap)


Actually, the key word is 3, as in Mother 3

The key word is "64". NOT gameboy advaced!


Down with Gamecube

Thinking about what system I want Mother 3 to be released on took a lot of consideration.

Gamecube (Bad name) would be good for Mother 3 if it had 3D images and additional information like cameos and stuff like that. Then again, they would probably be so consumed by that and make a horrible plot like PSX RPGs. No offense to PSX owners.

Gameboy Advance would be really sweet, because it is an 'offspring' of the SNES (Hopefully, it will have really good RPGs like the SNES), one of the best system Nintendo has ever made. Then again, we won't see 3D graphics. But I'm not disappointed. I enjoy seeing the sprite graphic because I love the look of it. That way, it'll make people that are obsessed about graphic stay away from the game and make the true RPGers come forth and play it. If Mother 3 has a funky background like Mother 2/EarthBound, then I love it!

In other words, I think Gameboy Advance is a great system to put Mother 3 on. Maybe they should put in Mother 1/2 into one cartridge for Gameboy Advance? That would be sweet also.

Down with Gamecube, up with Gameboy Advance! We need a N64 version of the Super Gameboy, so we can play GBC and GBA games on it. Don't you think so?



GBA = sexy



I don't care when or on what system, I just want more EB!!!

Amber/Blue Cow

I didn't need the last part, but I put it in anyways.

I would love sprites back. 3D would be junk for Mother 3. Frankly I like the Snes/Nes/Atari graphics a lot better then N64. Game Cube does look promising though. So Gameboy Advanced is sure to be a hit, but I have to wait on the Game Cube to see its play abilities. Gameboy Advanced still may not be good. We have to see it to find out! I am not one of those people who will just up and say, "Mother 3, I'll take it on any system no matter HOW bad it is!" if it is bad you would be wasting your money!

The thoughts you have just witnessed are brought to you by: Rovin Gangsta, See him rollin. Remember he is representing for them gangstas all accross the world.

The amazing uses of Cheeze Whiz

I woudld rather see Mother 3 on GBA. I liked the sprites better than the 3D charactors, and there'd probabley be a better chance of a direct sequel, completely devoid of spotlight stealing cowboys. They might even be able to reuse the sprites from EB, speeding up the development process. So in conclusion, cheese whiz is a poor substitute for undergarments. The end.

Watch frog

Earthbound SUPER PACK... um... nevermind me.

Not only should Earthbound 64 come out on GBA, but I also would like to see the first two game released. Perhaps the first two could be on a two-in-one pack and EB64 could be it's own entity. I definitely think that Earthbound has potenital on the GBA/Cube.

Stompman Super

Sprites rule.

Hello, I think that another sprite game would be awesome!! I loved games with the snes graphics! They can spend more time programing the game and less on graphics this way. Wahoo!!! I hope they do release Mother 3 for Advanced GB.

Baron Fel


Mother 3 on GBA?! Well, I'd have to say I'd be very happy if Mother 3 came out on ANY format and on ANY system! I just totally dig Flint, Ryukka and Krause, the cool hovercraft, the crying robot-croc, the 2-headed kraken, DCMC... WOW! But we're here to talk about Game Boy Advance, aren't we? ^_^ Well, I'd have to say that I'd much rather have them easilly cart over Mother 2! Wee, that'd be fun. Maybe with some new and tricky things in it, too (like Super Mario Bros. DX on GBC)! OKAY!

OKAY! Mother 3! ^o^ Hehah. Well, a 3D Mother DID sound pretty awesome, but (again) remember that the M3 developing team DID say that they had extensive troubles in creating a nice 3D engine, and that THAT was one of the main reasons they gave up on the game. Thus, 2D is our only option for a Mother 3 on Game Boy Advance. (Besides, I don't even think the system can handle 3D games like that.) So, as I said on the last topic (on GameCube porting), any way things turn out, we will have to expect them to take their time, and the EarthBound community will be told, once again, to wait. Do-harken, I must be hindered a pirate! ^_^


I'm running out of stuff to say... need sleep.

I think that it would be nice if Earthbound ANYTHING came out on GBA. It would do well. But if they do, they should keep the graphics like Mother2. Even enhanced visuals (like better battle animation or something) would be good. With that, they'd still have alot of memory left to pack in a huge adventure! I really wasn't too sure about mother 3, because i didn't see good ol' Ness!

Yes Man Jr.

Beware evil polygon thingies.

I'd like to see Mother 3 on GBA. It would be better than Mother 3 on N64! It could be 2-D like the firt 2 instead of evil 3-D Polygon thingies. It would be portable which is a plus and it may have a neato battle mode so I can acctually play an RPG against not so artificial intelligence!


Just get us the game!

I have ALWAYS been a fan of the Mother series and whether it comes out on GBA or Game Cube, I could seriously CARELESS! The bottom line is that all this time Nintendo has been planning a sequel. It is NOT fair for them to cancel the game. even though Nintendo 64 is obviously chicken fodder compared to Playstation 2, I have yet to see a decent rpg on the system. It is really hard to say whether or not mother 3 would sell like 'pancakes' (especially since the system is in its dying days), but I DO know that nintendo owes it to their patrons and people who dished out close to three-hundred bucks a decent rpg. To top that off, is it fair to all the mother patrons out there to just cancel the game (espcecially when nintendo themselves threw hints out even in the 1995 earthbound that there WOULD be a sequel)? First nintendo delays the game for well over three years and now they just decide to dump it? Whether or not this baby sees the light of day, nintendo needs to get smart and realize that the next mother game could be their big breakthrough. I've been a fan of the company for years and if they want to be top of the industry, i'm confident that another 'mother' could help them get there. If nintendo is going to release trashy flops like virtual boy, would it really hurt to just complete a game that is already playable? I think not. Please email me, mother fans! FanBroccoli!

Me want more content! Mwarg!

Mother 3 on Gameboy Advance would be a dream come true. I plan to buy a GBA anyway.



i would be really dissapointed, we were taunted and teased with screenshots for a game that we were only supposed to wait for a couple month's, then it turns to years, then is cancelled! I would like it if they made a moher 3 for gamboy advance compatable with the gamecube so you can take your game with you, but I'd prefer it if hey stick to consoles.


Fun suggestions

Personally, I think it would be great. It wouldn't look as nice as it would on the 64 or cube, but it would have one more good side: it would be portable. I can just picture it now. Riding in my parents van playing Mother 3... it would be the perfect antidote for long, tedious car rides. On the other hand, if they made it for the gamecube, they could make it 108 times longer then super mario 64, and I've always wanted to see a mister saturn in 3D. It doesn't matter to me, I just want a sequel, and I want Tracy to have a more active role.


Mmm... sprite...

It would be a great idea if EB3 came out on GBA. It would be nice to see the sprite images. They should also keep the old charachters. It wold be good if they improved the battle senes.



1 and a half words and a number for ya:


Rovin Gangsta

Too... tired... to write title...

Well... for starters I would greatly enjoy Mother 3 on Game Boy Adavance. Just think of Earthbound in the car! I, personally, like the lower-quality graphics... now don't get me wrong, I just, for some reason seem to like the looks of those graphics. and yes, I would be happy to see sprite graphics return. That is all.




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