Fan Thoughts:

Well, thanks for yet another round. I didn't recieve very many this time, but I guess I should update more... :/ To tell you the truth, I was expecting a lot more to be asking for a direct relation, because of what I'd heard on the forums and chatroom. However, some of these may suprise you, so read them! Anyways, if you have more to send, send them in! Thanks!

The extremely fast first fanthought!

Would I like it if Mother 3 were directly related to Mother 2? Probably, yes, but only in certain ways. I don't like how people picture Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo fighting again in their fangames and fanfics, that's just stupid. If every Final Fantasy game was about those same ol' dudes (with little or no personality) from FF1, would anyone still be interested? Any good RPG series changes their characters, themes, and settings COMPLETELY between each game... right? Well, Jimmy, what about Mother to Mother 2? They were VERY similar games! True, true, but the characters and the plot did not continue on into Mother 2. Personally, I find Mother 1's plot a lot stronger than Mother 2's. The whole George and Maria thing. WOW. Now, if there were 3 boys and a girl out to save the universe again, I guess that'd be cool. And maybe some return characters, like the cowardly mayor and the enemy hippies. But does Mother 3 (the unfinished look at it that we DO have, perhaps) look to have this much similarity to Mother 2? I really don't think so, aside from having a rockin' band in both games. Like I've said before, Mother 3 looks SO COOL the way it is, with the 4th-century cowboy, Flint, the twins, the two-headed kraken, the hunchback; I seriously doubt that if Itoi were to create a "new" Mother 3 (or even just come back to it in the future), that he would change the characters and setting much.


A complex relation...

It would be nice for Mother 3 to be related to Mother 2. But if you think about it, a lot of fun in the EB community has been trying to relate Mother and Mother 2. What I think would be the best way to do it would be after so many one point comes where they're all directly related in one grand scheme. And in each game the characters did their own part in this master plan. For that would truly make the game rule. Connecting the plots would explain all thats happened and finally give us Mother enlightenment. Thank you for your time. Remember to get the good carma, & have a nice day =)


blah blah

Why would you want the same characters in two games? I mean, we've already messed around with Ness and the gang, let's move on to a new set of heroes, and new blah blah blah...


Unanswered questions

Yeah, I think it should because there was still some questions unanswered, like:
Where is Pokey?
What's the fate of Ness and Paula?
What about Picky?
So, Yes it should be related to Mother 2...


Relation good

I would like Mother 3 to be related to Mother 2 because half the fun of a new game is seeing old things brought back in 3-d. Personelly, I wouldn't have liked Mother 3 as much if Flint is the the main character. I mean, you have two games where four average kids are heroes, and then a weird cowboy and his dog come along and try to save the world. Where's Paula, Jeff, and everyone else?! If you ask me, the whole EB series should be like Zelda. In the Zelda series, every game takes place after oneanother and for the most part the story fits together perfectly. If Mother 3 is ever realeased, I want to at least see Ness and his friends.

Brad Van Arnum

Get Out Of Banland Free Fanthought

I think that it would be really incredibly sweet if Ness and the gang were in Mother 3. It would be hard to get used to new charactors after camping out at Starmen.Net for what, the last couple years? I mean we have been hooked to the EarthBound charactors! As for Mother 1, I havn't played much of I don't know...thats it, l8r


Could be, doesn't have to

I wouldn't need it to be connected. But, it would be great to see how things work out. What if Pokey sends them all somewhere? That'd be a great beginning, to end up somewhere in time.

It'd be really cool to see Eagleland from Mother2 and Mother1 to connect through time, sort of in a Chrono Trigger kind of way.

But that's just my thought. :D


Ruler of Earth say "off course!"

Mother 3 Realted to Mother 2? Gee, i dunno.... HECK YA! This would make the game like.... 10 times better!! And I also understand that Mother 1 didn't have the same characters, but still you have to admit there were ALOT of simalarities. what ever happens, I just hope it comes out.

Ruler of Earth

Meeting with the past...

I would. It wouldn't be the same without Ness and the gang. Although I'd love to see:

Ninten, Ana, Loid, and Teddy meet Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo in Mother 3. That would be cool.


An interesting idea...

I never was too excited about the whole Flint/Boney character concept, but now I have one interesting thought in my mind.

One that fateful day back in 199X, when the Starman Jr. jumped out of nowhere, he told Buzz Buzz, "You're no longer a hero, but just a worthless insect." This would seem to indicate that some hero shows up in the next 10 years (Be it Ness, Flint, or someone totally different). Could it be possible that Flint is Buzz Buzz before he becomes a hero/insect?

Also, here's another rambling that came to my mind. The Phase Distorter can not transport life forms through the fourth dimension. However, Buzz Buzz comes from the future. It could be possible that as opposed to a Robotomy, this hero had an "insectotomy" and was turned into Buzz Buzz, then stuffed into a meteoroid with a small, biologically-friendly Phase Distorter so as to avoid detection by Giygas and his minions?

And here's yet another rambling. Boy, I do that a lot, don't I? You know, when Ness and his cronies got trashed after Giygas was killed, their minds returned to their bodies. If Flint truly were Buzz Buzz and had gone through an "insectotomy," and Mother 3 was related to Mother 2 in this way, it would not have to end with Flint's death where Mother 2 had barely begun.

Or maybe I'm just full of crap. Who knows?

Blue Antoid

Mother 3 a prequel?

Well I personaly think that Flint is George (you know the translation could be wrong), and his twins Ryuka and Krause are respectively Ness and Ninten fathers (that`s why Ness and Ninten look a lot like);and the main plot would be about Pokey going to the past to destroy Ness antesesor, but he wouldn`t know about what hapend to George and Maria (Flint and his wife), so he help some aliens to kidnap em and in the process (without knowing) help to create Gygas.

-That would create a time cycle in wich in the past (Mother 3) Pokey atempting to destroy Ness antecesors (Flint and his wife)will help to create Gygas, who will return in "Mother" to conquer the world, failing becase off Ninten(Flint grandson), and returning ten years later to be defeated by other of flint granson`s (that would made Ness and Ninten Cousins) and in the process helping Pokey in his rise to the power completing the Earthbound trilogy.


A true sequel...

I just don't think earthbound would be the same without the same characters. A sequel is defined as a work complete in itself, but continues the story of a previous work. I couldn't see the story behind earthbound continuing without the same characters. And the game left off in a way that would easily allow the people making the sequel to continue the story. So if Mother 3 will be a true sequel that continues the story, it needs to be directly related to Mother 2.


Close, but not a copy.

I would like Mother 3 and Mother 2 have a relationship similar to the relationship between Mother and Mother 2. Between Mother and Mother 2, they pretty much have the same enemies, music, and main characters. I would like to see Mother 3 like Mother 2, but with differences like some new enemies and new towns. But of course, Mother 3 would still have to have the New Age Retro Hippie, Starmen, Mr. Saturns, and Bubble Monkeys...


We gotta know!

I'd like it. For one thing, I'd like to know what Pokey has planned for Ness and the others. I'm also wondering:
Do Ness and Paula like eachother?
And: Where's Picky?
Also: Why are there 6 members of the Runaway Five?
Thats my 2 cents!


The End...?

Yeah, I think it would be nice for Mother 3 to have a direct relation to Mother 2. After all, at the end of EB, Picky comes along with a letter saying that Pokey wants revenge... or something... And when the screen says "The End", it puts a "...?" after it, suggesting that it's not the end. And... uh... yeah.

Also, I think people would like to see they're favorite characters in 3D. Nintendo gave us Ness in Super Smash Brothers; Why not give us the others too?




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