Game Info:

  • Controls - A look at the control-scheme from the demo shown at Space World '99
  • Story
  • Basic Game Info - A rundown on the basic theme, features, and such for what would later become Mother 3
  • Characters

  • Background Info:

  • History - A look at the struggling development of a canceled game
  • Interviews - Various interviews with the game's staff
  • In the Media - Many different publications EB64 was printed in all around the globe
  • EB64 to MOTHER 3 Comparison - A comparison of similarities between the 64 title and the final GBA game

  • Misc. Interesting Info:

  • Theories - From the all-but-confirmed to out-of-this-world, we list theories from fans from what the game originally intended!
  • Rumors - Throughout the many years, a number of rumors sparked about this canceled game and we take a look at some of these to finally put them to rest.
  • Merchandise - Believe it or not, there was actually merch for this game!

  • Junk:


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