Press Start 2006 - The Symphony of Games:

"Press Start 2006 - The Symphony of Games" was an event held in Shibuya, Japan on September 22, 2006. It was a showcase of famous game music in orcestra form -- and the music was rewritten by their respective original composers. The list of music played is as follows:

Part 1
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty - Main Theme
  • Falling Puzzle Medley
  • PoPoLoCrois Medley
  • MOTHER Medley
  • Outrun - Splash Wave
  • Anubis Zone of the Enders - Beyond the Bounds
  • Ys
Part 2
  • Romancing Saga Minstrel Song - Overture Opening Title
  • Monster Hunter - Proof of a Hero
  • ICO - You Were There
  • The Legend of Zelda Medley
  • Final Fantasy - Main Theme
  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl Theme

The MOTHER Medley consisted of:
  • MOTHER Eight Melodies
  • MOTHER 2 Eight Melodies
  • Snowman
  • MOTHER 3 Logo Type
  • MOTHER 3 Love Theme

Event Report:

(Info courtesy of MOTHER Party)
  • Before the MOTHER Medley began, Sakurai said, "When you think of Nintendo RPGs, you think of Pokemon, right?" But Tanaka responded with, "Huh?! No, you mean MOTHER!"

  • Unlike the three previous musical pieces, the MOTHER 3's introduction was pretty short, so it seemed to people that they weren't giving the MOTHER games much attention at all. But with the big guests that appeared during the performance and the numerous surprises, the feeling is they did the introduction like that on purpose to seem out of the ordinary.

  • After the performance, Tanaka said, "I'd like to introduce not the mother of MOTHER, but the father," and Sakurai said, "We have an extremely big-time guest here with us," to which everyone in the seats responded with, "Eh?! Itoi?!"

  • Just as Sakurai said, "Here's Shigesato Itoi!" Shigesato Itoi came out wearing a MOTHER 3 logo T-shirt and appeared on stage with Sakurai, who was wearing a Franklin Badge T-shirt.


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