Fan Music:

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(Kumatora) Green Trains
A simple remix of the green train song in MOTHER 3.
1/12/09 0.00
(Kumatora) Cinematography of the Past
New Pork's Finest.
4/13/09 0.00
alezicarus Fire
Fire from Mother 3... please help us flint
11/18/07 0.00
alezicarus Run Boney Run
It was homework for Mr.Katon's class
12/9/08 0.00
Amstrauz Lonely Mountains
A collab piece recorded by Mikerophone and myself (Amstrauz) for the 2012 Halloween Funfest! Inspired by the "Somewhere, Someday" track from Mother 3.

Credit goes to Mikerophone for the trumpet, drums and post-processing. All other instruments and sounds were played by myself on an electric keyboard that ran into ProTools.
11/5/12 0.00
Amstrauz Yado Inn Piano
Yado Inn tune played on the piano.
4/1/12 0.00
Amstrauz Formidable Faux
Just something I made in a free program as a test. I'm fairly happy with the result!
4/15/13 0.00
Artemis251 Mischevious Blues (Piano)
Simple Piano sheet music for the song 'Mischevious Blues' from Mother 3.
10/24/07 0.00
blackpanther1026 Fun Naming (Digital Ghost - V2)
My second version of the song "Fun Naming" from MOTHER 3.
Much calmer, smoother and ambient.
9/25/10 0.00
blackpanther1026 Fun Naming (Digital Ghost - "Fun Dancing")
My version of "Fun Naming" from MOTHER 3.
9/25/10 0.00
Cesque Funky Monkey Dance Chiptune
Made with a Nintendo Gameboy and LSDJ. EVERYONE DO THE FUNKY MONKEY DANCE [ok it's wess's dance but whatever]
11/10/08 0.00
Chippychan Mother 3 Orchestra Collection
a compliment of a few Mother 3 pieces that I translated into orchestra format. Taking 3 weeks of hard work so that it could be released with the fan translation, but I'm a few days behind. xD Hopefully the peeps at will enjoy it

Love theme
Porky's theme
Gentle Rain
Memory of Mother
18 melodies
8 melodies
10/18/08 0.00
Chippychan Misplaced Revenge- Orchestra Remix
A fun little remix I made of one of my favorite battle themes from Mother 3. 8D Hope you guys enjoy it.
12/9/08 0.00
Chippychan Lullaby for The Lonely Boy
A Mother 3 Orchestration of the Love Theme. Enjoy.
2/26/11 0.00
Colin Sanders Labour of Lovely Dubbly (2009)
This song is about the life of poor, little Salsa.
7/26/09 0.00
Colin Sanders Between Frogs (2008)
I like to think of this rendition as an adventure in itself—the journey from one save frog to the next. In the Earthbound universe a lot can happen between saves. The game’s rich scenarios fertilized with interesting characters and dialogue allow things to move along quickly. Similarly, we try to waste little time moving from part to part.
7/26/09 0.00
coromoro Keep Dreaming (Morning Hotel Music)
This is one of my favourite EarthBound songs, and so I decided to make my own version by recording it with a couple of guitar tracks and with some nice effects. I'm happy with the result. I hope you like it, too.
10/7/08 0.00
Craide2A03 This is Intense, Guys!
A rock cover of Intense Guys.
1/8/09 0.00
CrouchingMouse Pollyanna
Me singing Pollyanna; using the version from Melee/Brawl. My range sucks, but I think this came out okay.
3/29/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr MOTHER 3 Final Battle
Epic. Orchestral. Awesome.

The Final Battle Theme for this guy.
5/25/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mother 3 Title Rock
A rock version of the music that plays when the MOTHER 3 title appears before chapter 1.
6/26/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Final Battle-Mother 3-Rock
The Pig King ROCKS!
7/6/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr You call this a Utopia?!
Yes. Yes I do.

Plays in New Pork City in Mother 3 and in Brawl.
7/12/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Yokuba can play Guitar!
Best. Guitar. Solo. Ever.
7/14/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Absolutely Safe Capsule
This part KILLS me. :(

So sad.
8/7/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Monkey's Delivery Service
The only reason I did this song is because the melody is also heard in the 'Final' Battle. :P
8/7/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Dry Guys Battle
One of the Battle themes from Mother 3.
8/19/08 0.00
Hotel theme from Mother 3.
8/19/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Memory of Mother
I can't describe this song without accidentally spoiling something!

From the Final Boss Battle.
8/19/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Tragic Reconstruction
Reconstructed Caribou Battle Theme.
8/19/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr The Pig King's Playroom
Carousel Version!
8/19/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Magypsy Time
Magypsy theme from Mother 3.

Slow and relaxing.
8/19/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Flying Limousine
Yay! A free limo ride to New Pork City!
8/24/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Yokuba is Evil, eh?
I made Yokuba's Theme as EVIL as possible. Near, the end, the strings nearly overpower is sax, and this is symbolic of the evil taking over what was once good in his life...or something. :3
9/7/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Happy Town? New Tazmilly Village
Wow, 3 years can do wonders for a town...
10/15/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr A Railway In Our Village?
To celebrate the completion of the Fan Translation! =D
10/17/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mother 3 Piano Medley
A Mother 3 Piano medley with some of the better songs. Over 6 Minutes Long!

I could have made it much longer...but I thought 6 minutes was pushing it. :P

Listen and see if your favourite song is played! Or just read the list...

Theme of Love

Mother 3 Logo

Piggy Guys

Unfounded Revenge

Strong One

'Final' Battle-King P's Theme

Duster's Theme

Magypsy's Tea Party

Monkey's Delivery Service

Etude for Ghosts

Mr. Batty

'You Call This a Utopia?!'

Victory/Level Up


Please Enjoy!
11/6/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Piggy Guys
Pig Mask Battle from Mother 3.

Who are these Piggy Guys?
12/20/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Empire Pork Building
Bossa Nova. Relaxin'.
12/20/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mr. Batty Twist
Mr. Batty Twist Battle, from Mother 3. Feel that 50's rock groove!

Also, awesome bass!
12/21/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Osohe Ragtime
Ever wanted to hear that bouncy tune one a real piano? Well now you can!
6/26/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr Beach-Calming-Mother 3
Ahh, this relaxing beach song is mellow, calming, and slightly sad. One of my favourite tracks from the game. Sounds much better with headphones on!
8/5/10 0.00
Deezlink Up to the Next Level
Me and Olimar_91 planned on submitting our take on the next level theme in Mother 3 to Rock Candy, but the original edited files were lost. And the drum track was lost to it too. So we've dropped our goal and just wanted to share it with the website. The most fun recording I've ever made.
7/25/08 0.00
DoseiSan Masked
Final boss music of Mother 3, freakified. Inspired and made in the mindset of the freaky 'deleted scenes of [the masked man]' vid.
10/13/07 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Bon Voyage
Me singing to the Mother3 + version of 'Bon Voyage, Amigo'. The lyrics mainly came from the Fan Translation but I added on to them to make it flow better.
2/11/09 0.00
earthboundcommander Mother 3: Porky's Pokies
My version of the Porky Bots theme
8/3/09 0.00
eb0ebm3 Mother 3 Love Theme on Ocarina
Such a pretty song, and also pretty fun to play!
4/5/09 0.00
eyes5 Paintjob
Made with love in Mario Paint. Mother 3 Theater music.
12/10/08 0.00
firej7 Pheen-X sings We Will Miss You
My first attempt in recording my singing, don't hate too much.
10/27/11 0.00
FrankFly Pork Bean Anthem - Trumpet Sheet Music
Spoilers obviously.
2/17/07 0.00
Frinky Bat theme sort of remixy thing
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2

artist comments:
This is a horrible version of this song i dont even know how to make music at all it's amateurish and awful
6/1/06 0.00
G.Wicks Natural Killer Cyborg
From Mother 3. Theme from the battle with that giant-robot-pig-crab thing. Recorded with live guitars and keyboards, but the minimoog solo was programmed.

Rock out with your pig snout.
1/22/07 5.00
gurumed mother 3 - 250-memory of life (faded mix)
it's nearly gone!
8/22/09 0.00
GyrowolfenZ Destroyer Anthem (Reorchestrated)
A reorchestration of one of my favorite tunes from Mother 3, Destroyer Anthem. Enjoy!
2/6/09 0.00
hdoa Natural Killer Cyborg
Here's a cover I did of Natural Cyborg Killer.
11/8/11 0.00
IWontGetOvertheDam Hustle for Pride/Unfound Revenge
Yeeeeeuuuhhzz techno mix.
3/6/09 0.00
IWontGetOvertheDam RockBound-Pollyanna Live

One of my favorite songs in the series, it's Pollyanna!

Got a request? Email it to me at [email protected] and I'll work on it and submit it here!
3/6/09 0.00
IWontGetOvertheDam RockBound-Porky's Theme Live
RockBound-Porky's Theme

Inspired by none other than the great DCMC themselves.

Got a request? Email it to me at [email protected] and I'll work on it and submit it here!
3/6/09 0.00
Jackalope A Snowman Carol
This is me singing that little spirit-of-the-season song/poem I wrote.
12/22/08 0.00
Jovis Gentle Rain
Piano by Amstrauz

(submitting this again because apparently I submitted after it told me I did something wrong? :( )
7/18/12 0.00
JUSTiNB Song 018 - F-F-Fire! (Speedy Mix)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
A remix of song number 018 from Mother 3.
4/28/06 0.00
JUSTiNB Song 098 - Open Sesame Tofu! (Speedy Mix)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
It starts a little abruptly, so please don't crap yourself if you have your speakers/headphones up too loud, you've been warned!

Enjoy this MOTHER 3 remix :)
4/21/06 0.00
Katon Mother 3 - Fun Naming
The name-your-character song from Mother 3... except..

1/1/07 8.43
Katon Don't Wake Mother! (Instrumental)
Instrumental track of what I may rap over. Contains music from Mother 1, 2, and 3. Good stuff, enjoy.
10/27/07 0.00
Katon Rapgypsy
fillafilla armadilla
2/25/09 0.00
KingCheez MOTHER 3 Medley
Some of my favorites from Mother 3.
All put together in Edirol HyperCanvas.
6/27/08 0.00
Kyoujin Unfounded Revenge Mother 3 Remix
Unfounded Revenge techno-ish remix by Kyoujin menwithmachineguns.
2/5/10 0.00
LeonardoGolden Mother Cartridge Medley
This was made by sticking a Mother 3 cartridge in my mouth and tapping it while changing the size of my mouth. I know it's not perfect, but I hope you can at least recognize some tunes.
So, sorry if you hear me breathing/sniffling.

8 Melodies (Mother)
Theme of Love (Mother 3)
8 Melodies (EarthBound)
2/20/09 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing– Trumpet
Bb Trumpet sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing– Trumpet
Bb Trumpet sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Bass
Bass sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Bass
Bass sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Guitar
Guitar sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Guitar
Guitar sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
MasterZ MOTHER 3 - Final Batte Against King P
SPOILERS Nah just kidding
6/28/08 0.00
MasterZ Simple Snowman
Nothing too fancy, just a simple snowman arrangement.
12/16/08 0.00
MasterZ Mother 3 Opening Menu Arrange
woo this is for you katon

fade out 4 life
12/10/08 0.00
MaxJordan Mother 3 Theme
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
This the Mother 3 theme. For an experience of maximal bodaciousness, use headphones. This is dedicated to the production of the English version: Earthbound 2. If you speak Japanese, please send this to Shigesato Itoi for me with my address. [email protected]
2/20/06 0.00
Michelieu "We Miss You (Love Theme)" cover
Me covering Tomato's translation of "We Miss You (Love Theme)."
4/15/11 0.00
Minyobi National Song Of Ham And Crown
An alternate take on the Pigmen Anthem from Mother 3...At least it eventually gets there. My Second submission.
5/15/07 0.00
Minyobi Get My Bat, There's Someone At The Door
This is a my take on music that is heard very early in the game as Pokey beats on the door to Ness' house.
My first submission.
5/13/07 0.00
Mise "Fun Naming" Guitar
Fun Naming from Mother 3 for guitar. Includes bass tab.
7/7/08 0.00
Mise "Strong One" Guitar
Strong One from Mother 3, arranged for Guitar.

7/7/08 0.00
Mise Mother 3's "Love Theme" for Guitar
I've seen this called other titles, but I suppose that name is more recognizable.

Written for guitar, and includes chords and written sweeping patterns for the arpeggios.

7/7/08 0.00
Mise Fate Sheet Music
Sheet Music containg Melody and Bass lines for the track.

(Spoilulz free.)
8/4/08 0.00
Mise "Fate" Tabs
Fate melody arranged for the electric guitar.

A great Mother melody that's easy to pick up, play, and learn.
8/4/08 0.00
Mise Fate
One of my first attempts at messing around with computer-based music programs.
8/4/08 0.00
Mise Fun Naming
Made in an on-going trials in messing around with music.
8/18/08 0.00
Mise Shoo, Shoo, Mr. B!
Goofy little variation of the track Mr. Batty Twist from Mother 3. Just an excercise to get used to the orchestra program I just recieved.
9/9/08 0.00
Mise Pollyana Guitar
I'm not well versed with compupter based recording, sorry for the static.
1/1/09 0.00
Mise KP's Battle Theme
The theme to the second to last fight in M3, Tabbed! It's a doozy though.
2/21/09 0.00
Monobrow Monobrow - Last Day Together (Love Theme Remix)
A remix of the Love Theme from Mother 3.

I also made a video and put it on [url=]YouTube[/url]

I love Mother 3, I made this song a couple days ago to capture the innocence and joy on the last day Lucas, Claus, and Hinnewa spent together. If only Flint had been there... Mother 3 is a beautiful game, and I thank Shigisato Itoi for making it, and the wonderful people that spent years translating it to English. You are wondeful people!
10/8/11 0.00
Monsieur Crayon Titiboo
This is not a melody taken from any of the games. I wrote this song in thought about how it'd be cool if Club Titiboo had a DJ night, and what dance music in the Mother universe would sound like. :)
3/14/11 0.00
Monsieur Crayon Titiboo
This is not a melody taken from any of the games. I wrote this song in thought about how it'd be cool if Club Titiboo had a DJ night, and what dance music in the Mother universe would sound like. :)
3/14/11 0.00
mr.emu 16 Melodies (orchestrated)
An orchestrated version of 16 Melodies from mother 3
3/12/12 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak Theme of Love (Pyro Misses You)
My attempt at the Love theme from MOTHER 3. Singing this and putting it together really helped me appreciate the song more (Originally it wasn't really one of my top favorites). Once again, I didn't write the BG music used. I just sing.
11/3/08 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak MOTHER 3 - We Miss You IN JAPAN
1/31/09 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak Three Boys, Twenty four Melodies
I wanted to try a vocal version of 16 Melodies (The beginning) where the three heroes (Ness, Ninten, and Lucas) were singing to it, and this is what came out of it. For the music (WHICH I DIDN'T MAKE MYSELF), I spliced the Love theme I sung to before with the 16 melodies song from the MOTHER 3+ soundtrack so it would sound more like the original track from the game. I also sung for all three boys (Though Ninten and Lucas sound too similar and Ness came out sounding too deep). There are some parts where I strained, but I kept it because it sounded more like boys singing rather than me trying to sing good if that makes sense. XD Overall though i’m pretty happy with how it came out.
2/12/09 0.00
NightTrap Bat Fight (Bat-san Twist)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
5/29/06 0.00
NightTrap 50s Battle (Rock and Brut/Demi-sec)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
My arrangement of the new "hippie"-esque battle song in Mother 3.
5/29/06 0.00
NightTrap Zombie Dog (Fate/Seriousness)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
The battle theme that plays whenever you encounter Zombie Dogs, Reconstructed Moles, and others from Mother 3.
5/29/06 0.00
NightTrap Memories of Mother
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
Plays during the final battle in Mother 3.
6/3/06 0.00
NightTrap Zombie Dog (Fate/Seriousness)
Wailing 80s style track that plays when you fight Zombie Dogs, Reconstructed Moles, and others.
5/29/06 0.00
onakagapekopekodesu Mother 3 Porky's Porkies
I made this with FL Studio 10. I like the upbeat tone. Listen to it with Winamp, and load the equalizer preset "Techno". Epic.
11/28/11 0.00
Pinback Mother 3 theme remix
my own version of the theme from Mother 3
3/29/08 0.00
Pitch We Miss You - Theme of Love (English Ver.)
An English version of Mother 3's ending song. Sung by EileMonty, lyrics adapted by me.

7/1/09 0.00
PKEdobean Mother Series- Snowman by PKEdobean
Hey guys. I've never really submitted something here before but I thought I give it a shot. This is me singing to the song Snowman. I came up with the lyrics and the song is the remix made from Smash Bros Brawl.

Here are the lyrics:

This place seems so unknown
This place that is covered in a blanket of snow
Eight melodies with powers that are scattered all over the world...

Searching further to look for
Many secret lands that I want to explore
Learning new powers of PSI

As we continue on our travels
Seeing all the many things that are truly unbelievable to the untrained eye.
Will all of our questions be unraveled?
Just as long as we never ever give up, all we have to do is try.

We are the four chosen ones.
Found from different places around the world.
Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo were chosen to fufill their new destiny...
Gaining new physic powers
Will the truth of PSI be unfold...?
Fire Thunder Freeze and Starstorm.

No matter how harsh the seasons may be
Summer Winter Autumn Spring, we cannot ever back away and flea
Fighting Giygas with emotions is the key.
Just as long as we have prayers in our hearts our small world will be set free.

Please reach for our call...
Please pray for our world...

9/29/08 0.00
PKEdobean Singing to Smashing Song of Praise/Unfounded Revenge
I've done another MOTHER song. From MOTHER 3, the Brawl remake of Smashing Song of Praise/Unfounded Revenge. Enjoy~

Here are the lyrics (done by Me):

We must find a way
To put away all of the mischeifs
That has been brought to the
Town of Tazmily

We must find a way
To infiltrate all of their bases
And put an end to the
Pig Mask Army

PSI Healing
( Alpha, Beta, and Omega )
PSI Life Up
( Alpha, Beta, and Omega )
PSI Shield
( With Counter, Offense and Defense Up )

We must take a stand
( Because this is what we're fighting for )
And try to foil their plan
( And we are here to settle the score )
A world that we must restore
( We will destroy to the very core )
Or else they'll be no more...
( And end the war )

We must deliver
And find all the seven needles all over the world

Doesn't the Masked Man look like somebody that you may know?

We must deliver
As all of the Magypsies are dispersing from our small world

All of our simple lives are being changed one by one
And everyone has lost their ways as different life styles have begun
Money has made others greedy and thirsting for more power
And lighting stucks for those who oppose from a very tall tower

We must put an end to The Pig Kings evil ways.
Smashing Song of Praise

Our Unfounded Revenge shall come to play.

Enjoy and Happy New Years!

1/3/09 0.00
PKEdobean Pollyanna (Smash Bros. Ver.)
Hope you like it~

I had to rearrange the ending part due to the Smash Bros. Ver.

2/19/09 0.00
PKEdobean Open the Door [Edo]
Yeah...this is from the remix CD OTONOISHI 2 called Open the Door. I sound enjoy.

8/10/09 0.00
PKSkyler PKSkyler`s Pollyana Vocalised
Heres a remixed version of Pollyanna( I Belevie in You)....Its based off a midi from Earthbound Zero (Pollyanna) but remixed to sound more like 'I Beleive in You' I did the vocals and the yeah...oh and the lyrics are shortened and edited. enjoy..
12/1/08 0.00
Poncho123 Wess Dance Time!
This is a cover of the song that Wess dances to in Mother 3.
3/4/11 0.00
RedMagic Unfounded Piano
Unfounded Revenge on the piano.
12/19/08 0.00
Rhyselinn Hinawa's Medley
This is a medley of the Mother 3 Love Theme and Letter from You (the song that plays when Flint reads Hinawa's letter). Played by me live on a piano, so forgive the musical errors, please :)
12/9/11 0.00
Rhyselinn Sorrowful Tazmily
More piano stuff I played. :)
7/8/12 0.00
Rhyselinn Memory of Life
Me playing Memory of Life from Mother 3 on the piano. Love this song, and it translates really well to full piano.
6/17/13 0.00
Seifer Guitar Tab for "Mother 3 Love Theme"
I tabbed the "Mother 3 Love Theme" for guitar. I'm not sure if this would go under this section or "fan music". Anyway, enjoy.
2/9/06 0.00
sg_06 The Green C64 is Fun, Too!
I thought the music for the green train would fit nicely into C64 style I used three channels of C64 samples to make a song, minus the last bar or so. Try to enjoy?
10/23/09 0.00
ShadowCreature F-F-F-Fire!
Cover of Mother 3's F-F-F-Fire!
9/2/08 0.00
sKaNkPiT!!! m3.mp3
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
mother 3 song. fast & loud.
2/12/06 0.00
Skipatronic A LOG-O Type (Mother 3 Fanfare) arranged for Brass and Drums Using Finale 2005
I was bored one day so I plugged in the LOG-O Type theme on Finale 2005 for brass and drums. I made some minor changes to it...More to come!
7/5/09 0.00
Skotein Sorrowful Tatsumairi - MOTHER 3
MIDI by Rexy, reorchestrated by me using GarageBand Symphony Orchestra.
8/7/09 0.00
slicemasterflex Everyting and nuttin
From Mother 3, an orchestral arrangement backed with glitchy electro groovyness. Yeah bwoooy!
5/4/08 0.00
somaticdefilement Boob Wizards II
Lumine Hall's Debut Album This Album Stinks!
11/10/08 0.00
It's Bigger. It's Badder. Ladies and Gentlemen it's a remake/remix of the Intense Guys battle theme from
Mother 3. I think it turned out pretty okay.
5/3/12 0.00
Somewareman Bothersome Beat
A funky fresh remix of the first battle theme in MOTHER 3.
5/1/12 0.00
Somewareman 16 Melodies From My Heart
Eight Melodies, Sound Stone Theme and MOTHER 3 Love Theme combined for a remix unlike any other. In my opinion, one of my best works yet.
4/30/13 0.00
Somewareman Porky's Palace
A combination of Porky's Theme, New Pork Cinema, and the song that plays in Porky's room full of women and a centaur.
7/9/13 0.00
SonnyBone Name Yo Self Again (Mother 3)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
My rendition of the NAME INPUT theme from MOTHER 3 using a 12-string accoustic guitar, accoustic bass, and drum machine.
5/5/06 0.00
Stevesesy Goodnight
To all!
1/14/07 0.00
TheReverendAG Slack Shell
I think the original Mother 3 track is called Pink Shell. Here is my version, played on my slack tuned acoustic guitar.
2/6/09 0.00
TheReverendAG Acoustic Pork
The Pigmask music, played on my slack tuned acoustic guitar.
2/6/09 0.00
TheReverendAG Echo of Naming
Loose cover of the Naming music. My guitar is still in E flat whatever, but I capoed the 3rd fret making G flat whatever. Busted out my banjo, bodhran, and egg shaker for backup beats. Turned out pretty decent. I took some liberties again, but the song is still easily recognizable. Also, I have notoriously bad rhythm. I don’t know if it’s noticable on this track or not.
2/13/09 0.00
therookflows EarthBoundLuva
Slightly modified battle music, 'i miss you' sample, and a mean earthbound filled freestyle!
5/7/08 0.00
TMF128 As You Wish (Menu)
My version of the calming menu theme, titled "As You Wish"
2/15/10 0.00
TMF128 Mother 3 - Theme of Love (Piano)
A piano version of the Love theme (strings not included.)
9/20/09 0.00
I felt just amazing inside and out when I finished Mother 3. This is the most important game ever made in every aspect of what a game can and should be. Rock it out.
1/10/10 0.00
tree Corny Title Withheld
felt i had to submit something at least slightly less crappy than my last.
3/25/09 0.00
tree Volcano!
my favorite M3 song, and i had to go and make it suck!
4/1/09 0.00
tree attic!
i... don't hate this. a bit loud, but i just couldn't get it right.
4/29/09 0.00
tree magypsy anthem
this song features my voice. :(
5/6/09 0.00
Voetozeto Fun Naming!
A quick little arrangement that I made. One of my favorite MOTHER3 songs, too.
10/10/08 0.00
Vony Love Theme Orchestra
Beautiful song. :)
6/20/09 0.00
Vony New Pork Theater
Remix of the song that plays in the Movie Theater in New Pork City.
7/2/09 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel We Miss A Capella ~Theme of Love~
i made this in honor on the m3 translation don't hurt me :(
10/17/08 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel Hinawa
The new hit single from three people who have no lives! Hinawa will tear at your heartstrings as her epic tale of life after death unfolds through means of this beautiful song. Made in collaboration with Frau Landers, Izumi, Clay Aiken and Shigesato Itoi.
6/20/09 0.00
YumeMaxx This Letter's For You
Arrangement of 'Letter From You, My Sweet'. One of my favorites!
Also, my first (hopefully of many) Fan Music submission! =D
10/22/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Party at Alec's House
Okay so here I've got one more song! This is some sort of dance remix of two songs heard early on in Mother 3.
OK desu ka?
10/22/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Funky Monkey Dancin'!
What is it with me and Techno-izing Mother 3? I need to stop it.
Anyway, it's a sort of dance club version of the Funky Monkey Dance!
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx My Vengeance, Unfounded
Yet another techno-style Mother 3 song. This is the last (techno) one, I swear! =D
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Twist the Summer Away
A nice acoustic guitar version of the Mr. Batty Twist! I find it to sound almost Indian at times... Kinda short though... sorry.
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx The Unfortunate Servant
One of my favorite songs n the game. No gimmicks here. Just my straight-up rendition of the song. Loops once.
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Easygoing Menu Screen
Just a nice, relaxed version of the Menu theme.
11/14/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Battle in the Sand
One of the many battle themes. Does this one even play in the dessert? Let's just say it does.
11/14/08 0.00
YumeMaxx A Village in Tears
In a village devastated with grief, a torn family tries to carry on. Don't cry, Lucas.
11/14/08 0.00
Zafum Phantasmagoric - Orchestrated
A complete orchestration of the Mother 3 song, Phantasmagoric.
12/18/10 0.00



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