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LeonardoGolden Introduction to Bad Tempo
I got an 8-bit plug-in for GarageBand, so I tried my hand at MOTHER's title screen. I can't play any instrument at all, so I did everything by ear. Also, it's not perfect and it's out of tempo, so it pretty much sucks. I should've used a metronome...
2/28/09 0.00
PKEdobean Intro/Pollyana/Best friend
Three songs from the MOTHER 1+2 Soundtrack. They are arranged version and are shorter than the original music. Hope you enjoy it~

-PKEdo >oO( > 'o' )>
5/14/09 0.00
mrmojoman intro music
i just messed around with the music, fun, but nothing special.
5/6/06 0.00
Stevesesy Into the Cemetery
10/28/07 0.00
TreLantana Inspiration of the Melodies
This was inspired by the 8 Melodies
8/13/05 0.00
Strawberry Tofu I Miss You
This isn't really a submission. It's simply that this file ( is far too baritone compared to the game. I tweaked it a bit to match.
4/20/06 0.00
xfisjmg1 I Am Earthbound
A rap song I wrote and recorded for the 2006 Winter Funfest. You can view the lyrics <a href="">here</a> or watch the music video <a href="">here</a>.
4/4/07 10.00



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