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somaticdefilement Lumine Hall - Onett (Early Demo)
Decided it's time to give you guys a peek at what Skyruns & Cityscapes has to offer.
This cover takes heavy influence from the band Passion Pit.
8/22/12 0.00
Chippychan Lullaby for The Lonely Boy
A Mother 3 Orchestration of the Love Theme. Enjoy.
2/26/11 0.00
somaticdefilement Luke Ain't Got Nothing On Me
Lumine Hall's Debut Album This Album Stinks!
11/10/08 0.00
Vony Love Theme Orchestra
Beautiful song. :)
6/20/09 0.00
NessFlicky Looking for Paula for violin in C
Music that i composed for violin & slow strings with the Title Looking for Paula.
1/14/08 0.00
TheReverendAG Lonely Winter Soundstone Freezeup
This is what I image the soundstone would sound like if it were listened to in an ice cavern on the frozen tundra of Antartica.
1/8/07 0.00
Amstrauz Lonely Mountains
A collab piece recorded by Mikerophone and myself (Amstrauz) for the 2012 Halloween Funfest! Inspired by the "Somewhere, Someday" track from Mother 3.

Credit goes to Mikerophone for the trumpet, drums and post-processing. All other instruments and sounds were played by myself on an electric keyboard that ran into ProTools.
11/5/12 0.00
somaticdefilement Loids May Not Be Christmas, But They Sure Are Smart
Lumine Hall's Debut Album This Album Stinks!
11/10/08 0.00
Ranger Loids Are Not Parodius
except they kinda are now
1/7/09 0.00
Pepsicola Live House
A module of the Live House music.
2/12/05 0.00
Zafum Life of a Trumpeter
A medley of the trumpeter's theme from Onett.
12/18/10 0.00
lewahi Let the Adventure Begin (Onett)
My friend, Nakile, and I made this.
4/5/07 0.00
Tansunn Lamp Battle Remix
Module of a remix for the lamp battle music.
2/8/05 0.00
Colin Sanders Labour of Lovely Dubbly (2009)
This song is about the life of poor, little Salsa.
7/26/09 0.00
Hotel theme from Mother 3.
8/19/08 0.00



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