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JonoGetsMad earthbound
I wrote this song awhile ago. I basically captures the feelings I had when I played the game for the first time. I hope you enjoy it
9/26/07 0.00
DoniMusic Earthbound - Hospital, Friendly Neighbor's House, Choose a File (Doni's Reggae Remix)
A reggae mix of the tracks "Hospital", "Friendly Neighbor's House", and "Choose a File". Enjoy! You can also find this on Youtube @
7/28/10 0.00
dukeofearls Earthbound - Summers Theme on Guitar

Summers Theme covered by two acoustic guitars.
7/1/12 0.00
Vic Earthbound 0- Eight Melodies Remix
I'm sure there's plenty of these on this website, but I assure you this one's different. I made this using FL Studio 6. Took about a month to make. Enjoy!
1/26/09 0.00
Tansunn EarthBound 8 Melodies music box
8 Melodies from EarthBound played on a music box.
5/23/11 0.00
Sephy EarthBound Battle 5 (Piano)
Sheet music for Battle Theme (page one)
3/17/05 0.00
Sephy EarthBound Battle 5 (Piano)
Sheet music for Battle Theme (page two)
3/17/05 0.00
PKSkyler Earthbound Intro: Techno Remix
Hello, this is a remix of the intro music from Earthbound/MOTHER 2. its all techno and electronic. Please tell me if you like it or not. enjoy! :D
10/21/08 0.00
xfisjmg1 EarthBound Week
Parody of One Week by the Barenaked Ladies.
3/6/08 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci EarthBound Zero Ending
The end of EarthBound Zero that plays during the cinematic part.
9/5/06 0.00
Pepsicola EarthBound Zero Medley
Module of an for a mix of EB0 music.
2/8/05 0.00
Pepsicola EarthBound Zero Medley
A module of the 8 melodies and the Pollyanna theme mixed together.
2/12/05 0.00
EvilGiegue EarthBound: The Movie
The audio of a trailer for an Earthbound movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
3/26/05 0.00
therookflows EarthBoundLuva
Slightly modified battle music, 'i miss you' sample, and a mean earthbound filled freestyle!
5/7/08 0.00
jetramantozz Earthbound_1
Hi, this is my first Earthbound composition. I don't remember from where it is in the game (Mother 2), so I have not titled it appropriately. Hope you like it! Please comment.
6/20/11 0.00
jetramantozz Earthbound_1
Hi, this is my first Earthbound composition. I don't remember from where it is in the game (Mother 2), so I have not titled it appropriately. Hope you like it! Please comment.
6/20/11 0.00
Picky Minch Easter/Youngtown Evil Mix
Is it Easter or Halloween!?!
10/30/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Easygoing Menu Screen
Just a nice, relaxed version of the Menu theme.
11/14/08 0.00
Dougertous EB Battle
Battle Theme (bass)
3/17/05 0.00
Sir Monty G EB Credits (Jazz!)
Credits Theme (sax)
3/17/05 0.00
Skulryk EB no Matsuri
EB no Matsuri - MIDIs
3/27/05 0.00
Hirotized EB Shoppin'
Its a remix of the Earthbound Store music. Done with FL Studio
2/15/11 0.00
edgemaster EB Sound Stone (Trance Mix)
I've only recently began making trance music, and this is one of my favorite tunes, so I decided to make a mix of it!

1/1/10 0.00
onionthe3rd EB0 - Credits Mix
A Halloween-themed remix of the credits music from Earthbound Zero.
3/26/05 0.00
onionthe3rd EB0 - Creepy Mix
A creepy remix of music from Earthbound Zero.
3/26/05 0.00
Pepsicola EBZ Halloween Mix
EBZ Halloween Mix - Music Module
3/26/05 0.00
TheReverendAG Echo of Naming
Loose cover of the Naming music. My guitar is still in E flat whatever, but I capoed the 3rd fret making G flat whatever. Busted out my banjo, bodhran, and egg shaker for backup beats. Turned out pretty decent. I took some liberties again, but the song is still easily recognizable. Also, I have notoriously bad rhythm. I don’t know if it’s noticable on this track or not.
2/13/09 0.00
Shorted Porigon Eight Melodies
Sheet Music for the "Eight Melodies"
3/17/05 0.00
lewahi Eight Melodies
A MIDI of the original Eight Melodies from Mother with an original counter thrown in. This is my first Mother MIDI.
2/22/07 0.00
luigiman77 Eight Melodies
Another "not so" reinactment
1/14/08 0.00
AoE Eight Melodies
My arrangement of the Eight Melodies in D Major. With a short interlude in F# Minor composed by myself.
3/13/08 0.00
Shorted Porigon Eight Melodies
Sheet Music - Earthbound / Mother 2
5/3/06 0.00
SLing Eight Melodies (Dance Mix)
Mother 1, Music, Fan Music, Music Modules A module of a dance mix version of the eight melodies.
2/12/05 0.00
revenG13 Eight Melodies (ei mix)
Yet another remix of the sound stone melody.
1/2/07 0.00
.GamerBluePK Eight Melodies (MOTHER 2)
A recreation of the MOTHER 2 (EarthBound) Eight Melodies theme. Enjoy.
2/17/10 0.00
GGCrono4 Eight Melodies (Sing & Ocarina)
2 MP3s of the 8 melodies, one from the game, and the other an "ocarina" solo.
2/8/05 0.00
meb_ness Eight Melodies (Techno)
I decided to make this song when I was playing Earthbound and I think it turned out pretty good. I hope you enjoy listening to my remix, :)
3/29/08 0.00
Viciousdex Eight Melodies Covered
Originally composed for the NES/SNES by Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka.

Notes/Sheet Music taken from in Garageband, arranged and modified by Shane Luis ([email protected]). Copyright of original music (and final sound effect from Earthbound SNES), Nintendo Co., Ltd. 1989.
4/6/11 0.00
MasterZ Eight Melodies In Your Deepest Memories
Ahh the memories.
4/9/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Empire Pork Building
Bossa Nova. Relaxin'.
12/20/08 0.00
jasons_groovemachine EndCredits (I Miss You) Guitar Tabs
The Guitar Tab from the "I Miss You" Section of the end Credits
4/23/07 0.00
Embezzle Epic Melodies
An action-y remix of the Eight Melodies of Mother!
4/11/10 0.00
bloopie Ericbound by Hatsune Miku
12/10/08 0.00
Ranger Every Earthbound Song In Under One Minute
This is the worst thing Ranger has ever made. He did it in 10 minutes. Don't listen to it.
12/10/08 0.00
bloopie Every EB Song At Once
2/25/09 0.00
slicemasterflex Everyting and nuttin
From Mother 3, an orchestral arrangement backed with glitchy electro groovyness. Yeah bwoooy!
5/4/08 0.00



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