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Parchife The Alien Son's Memories
This actually has a small story behind it.

It refers to Giegue of course, but it also refers to two of my own characters that'll probably be making a show in my...current project. More about that later however.

Hopefully I did ok on this. First time using a computer keyboard..piano thing (by playing piano with computer keys). :>

The instruments however are uh... something, cello and harp.
2/11/11 0.00
Parchife Paula!
Simple remix of Paula's Theme.
2/11/11 0.00
Penguinguy MOTHER EARTH accordion
accompanied with a slow bass switchemup. need someone else to acompany me for some more killer parts.
8/15/08 0.00
4/2/05 0.00
Pepsicola EarthBound Zero Medley
Module of an for a mix of EB0 music.
2/8/05 0.00
Pepsicola Mother 1 - Eight Melodies
Module of the song "Eight Melodies", from Mother 1.
2/8/05 0.00
Pepsicola EarthBound Zero Medley
A module of the 8 melodies and the Pollyanna theme mixed together.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Ninten's House
A module of the music in Ninten's house.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Healer Itoi
A module of the Healer Itoi theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Live House
A module of the Live House music.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant
A module of the Magicant theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant Cave
A module of the Magicant Cave theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant Cave
A module of the Magicant Cave theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Pollyanna
A module of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Pollyanna
A module of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Pollyanna (slow)
A module of a slow rock version of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Spooky Cave
A module of the spooky cave jingle.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Superintendent's House
A module of the Superintendent's House music.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola EBZ Halloween Mix
EBZ Halloween Mix - Music Module
3/26/05 0.00
Picky Minch Easter/Youngtown Evil Mix
Is it Easter or Halloween!?!
10/30/08 0.00
PikaChan Zombies of Threed (DWI/stepmania file)
Stepmania File
4/3/05 0.00
Pimpshi Monster of the Tempest
As funny as the Toto sailor is, the gripping truth was that the battle with Kraken wasn't exactly a bundle of laughs.
10/16/08 0.00
Pinback Mother 3 theme remix
my own version of the theme from Mother 3
3/29/08 0.00
pinstripedeva Smiles and Tears in A flat
Smiles and Tears done in brass in the key of Ab, written specificially for Drum and Bugle Corps, who are gearing up or already have started rehersals. Something of a tribute, one might say.
12/14/06 0.00
Pitch We Miss You - Theme of Love (English Ver.)
An English version of Mother 3's ending song. Sung by EileMonty, lyrics adapted by me.

7/1/09 0.00
PKdekunut Magicant Remix
A little musical arrangment of Magicant I did on a Roland HP207 electronic piano.
9/11/10 0.00
PKEdobean Mother Series- Snowman by PKEdobean
Hey guys. I've never really submitted something here before but I thought I give it a shot. This is me singing to the song Snowman. I came up with the lyrics and the song is the remix made from Smash Bros Brawl.

Here are the lyrics:

This place seems so unknown
This place that is covered in a blanket of snow
Eight melodies with powers that are scattered all over the world...

Searching further to look for
Many secret lands that I want to explore
Learning new powers of PSI

As we continue on our travels
Seeing all the many things that are truly unbelievable to the untrained eye.
Will all of our questions be unraveled?
Just as long as we never ever give up, all we have to do is try.

We are the four chosen ones.
Found from different places around the world.
Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo were chosen to fufill their new destiny...
Gaining new physic powers
Will the truth of PSI be unfold...?
Fire Thunder Freeze and Starstorm.

No matter how harsh the seasons may be
Summer Winter Autumn Spring, we cannot ever back away and flea
Fighting Giygas with emotions is the key.
Just as long as we have prayers in our hearts our small world will be set free.

Please reach for our call...
Please pray for our world...

9/29/08 0.00
PKEdobean Singing to Smashing Song of Praise/Unfounded Revenge
I've done another MOTHER song. From MOTHER 3, the Brawl remake of Smashing Song of Praise/Unfounded Revenge. Enjoy~

Here are the lyrics (done by Me):

We must find a way
To put away all of the mischeifs
That has been brought to the
Town of Tazmily

We must find a way
To infiltrate all of their bases
And put an end to the
Pig Mask Army

PSI Healing
( Alpha, Beta, and Omega )
PSI Life Up
( Alpha, Beta, and Omega )
PSI Shield
( With Counter, Offense and Defense Up )

We must take a stand
( Because this is what we're fighting for )
And try to foil their plan
( And we are here to settle the score )
A world that we must restore
( We will destroy to the very core )
Or else they'll be no more...
( And end the war )

We must deliver
And find all the seven needles all over the world

Doesn't the Masked Man look like somebody that you may know?

We must deliver
As all of the Magypsies are dispersing from our small world

All of our simple lives are being changed one by one
And everyone has lost their ways as different life styles have begun
Money has made others greedy and thirsting for more power
And lighting stucks for those who oppose from a very tall tower

We must put an end to The Pig Kings evil ways.
Smashing Song of Praise

Our Unfounded Revenge shall come to play.

Enjoy and Happy New Years!

1/3/09 0.00
PKEdobean Bein' Friends/Eight Melodies
Remix from Smash Bros. Series, Bein' Friends and Eight Melodies.
2/2/09 0.00
PKEdobean Pollyanna (Smash Bros. Ver.)
Hope you like it~

I had to rearrange the ending part due to the Smash Bros. Ver.

2/19/09 0.00
PKEdobean Because I Love You [Edo]
90 percent of the lyric credits goes to Legendary Frog.
2/25/09 0.00
PKEdobean Smiles and Tears [Edo]
Hearing this song on Radio PSI, I knew i had to try it. The lyrics are from Matcab but I added a little bit of lyrics. Hope you like it. This is one of my best works ever.
3/24/09 0.00
PKEdobean Intro/Pollyana/Best friend
Three songs from the MOTHER 1+2 Soundtrack. They are arranged version and are shorter than the original music. Hope you enjoy it~

-PKEdo >oO( > 'o' )>
5/14/09 0.00
PKEdobean Open the Door [Edo]
Yeah...this is from the remix CD OTONOISHI 2 called Open the Door. I sound enjoy.

8/10/09 0.00
PKSkyler Sanctuary Guardian PKTekno Remix.
Submitting under the AudioViz catagory.
10/23/08 0.00
PKSkyler Battle Against a Machine- Zappin`Remix
whipped this remix up for the funfest...enjoy!
10/31/08 0.00
PKSkyler Earthbound Intro: Techno Remix
Hello, this is a remix of the intro music from Earthbound/MOTHER 2. its all techno and electronic. Please tell me if you like it or not. enjoy! :D
10/21/08 0.00
PKSkyler PKSkyler`s Pollyana Vocalised
Heres a remixed version of Pollyanna( I Belevie in You)....Its based off a midi from Earthbound Zero (Pollyanna) but remixed to sound more like 'I Beleive in You' I did the vocals and the yeah...oh and the lyrics are shortened and edited. enjoy..
12/1/08 0.00
PKSkyler Metropolis Onett!
a hard hitting remix of the onett theme. contains lots of bass. techno, trance, hip-hop style!
12/2/08 0.00
PKSkyler Snowman`s Winter
A remix of snowman and winters themes, all in one. Techno, as usual. The drums are used to bring the pieces together, cause i couldnt megre them otherwise ;^_^ Enjoy....
12/11/08 0.00
PKSkyler あなたの心敗北`内なる悪魔。この戦いに勝つ!
Title says it all!
1/8/09 0.00
PKSkyler Crank Dat Starman DX
pure boredom spawned this.....sorry that everythings not all that easy to hear, and thats its not a full version of the original song....
1/20/09 0.00
PKSkyler Mad Bicycle
The bicycle theme is sooo lame....I wanted to make the bicycle theme a little badder, stronger, meaner, cooler!
2/3/09 0.00
Po03 File Select Theme
Guitar Tab for the File Select Theme
2/12/05 0.00
Po03 File Select Theme
Guitar Tab for the File Select Theme.
3/1/06 0.00
Poncho123 Wess Dance Time!
This is a cover of the song that Wess dances to in Mother 3.
3/4/11 0.00
Poncho123 All That I Needed (Was You) Remake
I remade All That I Needed from Mother with a couple little edits here and there.
2/20/11 0.00
Poncho123 Save the Miners! Cover
I've been messing around in FL Studio lately and decided to do a short cover of the song "Save the Miners!" from EarthBound. Enjoy!
2/18/11 0.00
prettymanfairy Winters Wonderland
Snowman Theme + Winters mashup. Hope you guys like it.
12/13/07 0.00
PSI Supernova The Octagonal Stage
Ninten rocks out to the Eight Melodies in a rock and roll/techno style. Enjoy.

1/14/09 0.00
PsiHeroNess Winter of 1989
I cool remix of the Snowman theme from Mother, it could be from Earthbound as they are very, VERY simliar though.
1/1/07 0.00
PsiHeroNess The Hippie's Drug Store
Ya just gotta love this silly little mix!
3/15/07 0.00
PsiHeroNess 4 to 1
My version of the Giygas themes, dirty and meant to be listened to with headphones and alone and in the dark.
11/5/07 0.00
PsiHeroNess Fake Snow
A cool synth remix of winters, inspired by Digital Winters.
1/6/08 0.00
PsiHeroNess School is Cool
Stay in school fool :D
1/6/08 0.00
Psychodelic Shark Tooth Pile
A small mix I made using some sound clips from Earthbound. I'm still in the process of developing it, hopefully to a longer track.
7/2/08 0.00



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