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UberN00B3R Through the Sun and Through the Rain
Mother 1 / Earthbound Zero

artist comments:
Pollyanna done a little differently.
6/5/06 0.00
UFO1 Mother 2 mp3 Ringtones
35 mp3 files. 25 ringtones, each 21-23 seconds. 10 sound effects, each 2-6 seconds. 64-80 kbps compression. Music taken directly from game soundtrack.
7/20/06 0.00
Ulan Shad Threed Meld
Fan Music.
3/26/05 0.00
Umi Winters in G (Text)
Sheet music for the Winters Theme
3/17/05 0.00
Umi Winters in G (Text)
Sheet Music - Earthbound / Mother 2
5/3/06 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Chowing Down on File Select
Mother 2 / Earthbound - MP3

artist comments:
A short, jazzy remake of the "File Select" theme. Picture Ness and the gang in the kitchen making sandwhiches. :)
5/16/06 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Happy Happy
Mother 2 / Earthbound - MP3

artist comments:
A remake of the Happy Happy Village theme.
5/16/06 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Threed and the Great Bobsled
Entry for the 2005 Holiday Funfest.

A Christmas-like remake of the Threed theme song! Imagine Ness and the gang enjoying a ride on a bobsled, then Pokey trying to ruin the fun at 01:00, and then Ness saving the day at 1:33 to the end.
12/10/05 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Defeated Courage
A wintery and somewhat sorrowful blend of the 'Flying Man' and 'Game Over' themes.
12/27/06 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Home of the Zombie Circus
A dark, evil circus remake of the zombie Threed theme.
3/21/07 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia A Minor Holiday Scuffle
A blend of "Deck the Halls" and an Earthbound battle BGM!
1/10/08 0.00



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