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Yokuba The End Game
Final Boss music for Silent Christmas. This is the final version.
1/7/09 0.00
Yokuba King of The World
A song I made for a PK Hack of mine using the Earthbound music engine.
12/10/08 0.00
yomendou Kraken battle
Music when you fight Kraken
9/27/06 0.00
yomendou Frankystein Mark II/Cave Boy
battle music from these battles (both are the same)
I believe it's in other battles as well
10/3/06 0.00
yomendou Metal Tank Theme
Metal Tank Theme
9/27/06 0.00
Yumblie A Saturn Valley Halloween
Fan Music.
3/26/05 0.00
YumeMaxx Radio Play: "A Very Pokey Hallowe'en"
Pokey, Picky and Giygas sit in the Threed graveyard one Hallowe'en night and swap scary stories. Hilarity ensues. All characters are voiced by me (often poorly) and the BGM songs were remixed by me as well.
10/28/08 0.00
YumeMaxx This Letter's For You
Arrangement of 'Letter From You, My Sweet'. One of my favorites!
Also, my first (hopefully of many) Fan Music submission! =D
10/22/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Party at Alec's House
Okay so here I've got one more song! This is some sort of dance remix of two songs heard early on in Mother 3.
OK desu ka?
10/22/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Funky Monkey Dancin'!
What is it with me and Techno-izing Mother 3? I need to stop it.
Anyway, it's a sort of dance club version of the Funky Monkey Dance!
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx My Vengeance, Unfounded
Yet another techno-style Mother 3 song. This is the last (techno) one, I swear! =D
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Twist the Summer Away
A nice acoustic guitar version of the Mr. Batty Twist! I find it to sound almost Indian at times... Kinda short though... sorry.
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx The Unfortunate Servant
One of my favorite songs n the game. No gimmicks here. Just my straight-up rendition of the song. Loops once.
11/13/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Easygoing Menu Screen
Just a nice, relaxed version of the Menu theme.
11/14/08 0.00
YumeMaxx Battle in the Sand
One of the many battle themes. Does this one even play in the dessert? Let's just say it does.
11/14/08 0.00
YumeMaxx A Village in Tears
In a village devastated with grief, a torn family tries to carry on. Don't cry, Lucas.
11/14/08 0.00
YumeMaxx The Giygas Rap
I guess this is my homework I promised Katon. I already posted it on the forums but why not submit it as well? I'm growing kind of fond of it.
12/11/08 0.00
Yves Out of Zombie Paper
A spooky development of one of Earthbound's most overlooked and unloved themes, with some little extras sprinkled on the side.
10/16/08 0.00
Yves Scaraba O Scaraba
Yes, Hanukkah music exists too! This is an EarthBound fan's love letter to the holiday in the style of its most famous tune.
12/14/08 0.00



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