What is the Funfest?:

The Funfest is an event that used to be held at Starmen.Net multiple times yearly. This year we return with the halloween funfest so get ready to discover your creepy side! (insert spooky SFX here) The Funfest is, basically, a chance for people to be creative and show off their abilities. Anyone may participate, and may submit as many items as they come up with. The idea is for you to do what you're best at and what you have fun doing. For example, artists may want to draw a cool picture or piece of art. People with decent writing skills may want to try their hand at a fanfic.

What do I submit?:

There are no real limitations to what type of files you submit. Here are some suggestions:
  • Fanfic (.txt .doc .html)
  • Poem/Song (.txt .doc .html .wav .mp3)
  • Music (.xm .it .mid .mp3 .wav)
  • Fanart/Flukes (.gif .jpg)
  • Multimedia (Flash, Shockwave, VRML, .avi .mpg)
Please keep in mind that these are not the only files that can be submitted. However, all files submitted MUST fit under the theme for the funfest. This Funfest's theme- Halloween. Entries that don't fit the theme at all won't be eligible for any prizes, so don't stray off course!

Prizes, Prizes, Priz-izes:

We're changing up the catagories this year due to low attentence, so maybe you guys might submit some more! We only have 4 catagories this year:
  • Scariest Work Submitted or Best Themed:
    This is entry to go for as you have the spirit of the funfest: HALLOWEEN.
  • Funniest Entry:
    The only bones you plan on touching is the funny bone.
  • Most Impressive:
    Some people just go all out and put 1000 hours into their entry.
  • Earthboundalicious:
    For the entry that makes us feel warm and fuzzy for that SNES game we love.
Each catagory will have 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place, so there'll be 12 winners in all. You can only win one place in the entire game so there'll be 12 unique winners in the game.
  • Third Place: Halloween 06 Winner Badge
  • Second Place: Halloween 06 Winner Badge, Forum Rank, and a email (POP3 or redirect, you choose!)
  • First Place: Everything in Second Place, a Forum Namevatar/Avatar, 25MB of webspace hosted by Starmen.Net, and a few Earthbound Posters shipped directly to you!
In addition, everyone who enters will recieve a Halloween Funfest 06 Participant decay badge!

Entry Guidelines:

Now the important part. This section will give you all the information you'll need to know so you can be sure your submission gets to us properly.
  • All files must relate to the theme of the Funfest somehow! The theme of this funfest is 'halloween'.
  • Uploaded files are not to be more than 3 MB in size. Files of over 3 MB in size must be uploaded to an OUTSIDE FTP site (such as Geocities or a personal website). Links to outside files may be PMed to ROFISH
  • NO BITMAP (.BMP) FILES! You must convert them to .png, .jpg, or .gif first.
  • Files must not contain anything vulgar, obscene, or unacceptable in any way. ROFISH will judge the acceptability of files.
  • Files with extensions that could be potentially harmful (such as .vbs and .bat) will be rejected. Executable files (.exe) will be scanned for virii before admission into the Funfest.
  • Multiple files will be accepted from a single participant. However, each participant may win only ONE prize.
  • Please, put effort into your submissions.
  • And finally, the deadline for ALL entries is November 7th 11:59 P.M. EST!!! Stick to it!

How do I submit?:

Go to the Starmen.Net Submission Form. Select "Halloween Funfest 06" from the selection. Make sure it's Halloween Funfest 06 or I won't see it!! Give it a title, a description, select it, and upload it. If you have any problems, send ROFISH a PM.

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