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This fast wonderful thing is number 2 for being a number 1

Great Charm

This fast - The great charm increases the wearer's speed.

wonderful thing - It's Great! Kinda like frosted flakes!

is number 2 for being a number 1 - It has the 2nd lowest defensive upgrade to any sort of protection you can get (the Travel Charm is #1). It gives you 1 extra defense point. So, because it gives you one, it's the second lowest, as the travel charm is 0.


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  • Imrahil

  • Plo's Crazy Comments:

    FANTABULOUS!!!!!! You're movin' up the list! Imrahil seems to be really good at this game. He just started a couple weeks ago, and MAN is he on PK FIYA!!! Looks like the almighty Anthadd could have some competition with the unstoppable Imrahil! Oh, and thanks to all who played!! You rule too! Anyway, That picture on the main page took over 16 hours to render (it was for my sister's school), so I really couldn't make any sort of an update on Monday. But here we go again! SO GOOD FRAKING LUCK ON IT!!!!


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