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Giving off a blast in waves, it hits you with effects that stays

Sound Stone

Giving off a blast in waves, - It gives off sound, which travels in waves

it hits you with effects that stays - After you defeat Ness's Nightmare, the sound stone increases your abilities. This effect is permanent


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Hint 1:

Stronger than a stick, yet can disintegrate faster

Stronger than a stick, - Stone is stronger than a stick (Ha-ha! Confused you! ::points finger::)

yet can disintegrate faster - The sound stone disintegrates after you absorb it's powers

Hint 2:

through the end of one, sparks the beginning or another

through the end of one, - Buzz Buzz dies after Lardna squishes him

sparks the beginning or another - Buzz Buzz gives Ness the Sound Stone right before he dies, which begins Ness's quest to save the world

Hint 3:

something that can play, but can't play with you

something that can play, - The sound stone plays a song

but can't play with you - YOU CAN'T PLAY WITH MUSIC YOU WEIRDO!!!


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    ROCK THE HECK ON!!!!!!!!!! Great job! I rarely EVER have to bust out with all 3 hints! Well, enjoy your point! You've earned it! Anyway, as you can see, I've re-done the logo on the main page of Plo's HARD Trivia. And guess what? All who have 5 or more points have badges now! And I've also re-done them as well, as the old ones were kinda bland. So a big thanks go's out to Xodnizel, for setting me up with some sweet forum access, and Loco-san for animating these .gifs for me. Oh, and I need d`Jeu, Earthbound Andy, and Jon Rose to e-mail me your forum name, so that I can give you your badge. SO GOOD LUCK N' STUFF!!!!!!!!!!


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