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To freeze with from the frozen. Not cold, not ice, not alive

Mummy Wrap

To freeze with - The Mummy Wrap freezes enemies

from the frozen. Not cold, not ice, not alive - Mummy wrap comes from the dead/undead bodies of Mummies. It's not something that freezes, like PSI Freeze, and it's not something cold, like a lil' Ghost's icy hand, it's just wrap from a mummy. Uhh, wait a sec, the shattered "man" is a mummy. Does that make him a duddy?


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100 x 248 X 88 - 7 � 4.023 x 0 + 1

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    YOU 0WN!!!!!!! Congrats to all! Hey! Anthadd only needs one more point until he obtains the next level badge, so good luck with this one! Anyway, I still need d`Jeu, Earthbound Andy, and Jon Rose to e-mail me your forum name, so that I can give you your badge, otherwise ya ain't gettin' one! So go have fun with another cranium crushing question!!!


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