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This diseased thing makes a lot of noise, but would never sink low


This diseased thing - The Tangoo can give you a cold

makes a lot of noise - The Tangoo has a flute. Heh, it must have quite an infectious song! Haha! Heh heh! hah, Hey! What are you doing! AAA! LEAGO! *MMPH* ::gets shoved into a thick plastic bag and is beaten with pocky:: Ow.. I wonder who THAT was...

but would never sink low - This guy would never go to an underground place like Master Belch's base, or the plague rat of doom's sewer hideout. It's the clouds for this guy.


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Timayh r teh r0n of #starmen

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    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! Very very sugar coated chocolatey goodness! Hmm, I feel hungry now. Anyway, sorry for the late update. School started for me 2 weeks ago, so I've been too tired to update. So go have fun while you still can, because Ploqaz is always hungry! GWARGH!!!!!


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