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Spinning in place, striking above a pole, it may not be 100%, but almost 100 in the hole

Tee Ball Bat or Sand lot bat

Spinning in place, striking above a pole, - When playing tee ball, you don't get thrown the ball like in baseball, instead you put the ball on top of a pole, or a 'tee'.

it may not be 100%, - Unless you're Sammy Sosa or something, don't expect to hit an enemy 100% of the time.

but almost 100 in the hole - uhh.. erm.. Well, I kinda screwed this one up. I got mixed up, and thought the Tee-ball bat was $98, only to later find out it was $48. The Sand lot bat is $98. So, anyone who guessed either Tee-ball bat or Sand lot bat gets a point.


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a million

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