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Reverse ascending numbers aggravate the ignorance of the countersign

Sentry Robot

Reverse ascending numbers - So, thats decending, as in, going down. The Sentry Robot counts sorta like this: 9....8....7...6...5..4..

aggravate the ignorance of the - Gets cheezed off (well, if its AI is that advancd) and attacks you because you are ignorant of the password.

countersign - coun*ter*sign, noun - a sign given in reply to another; specifically : a military secret signal that must be given by one wishing to pass a guard. You do the math-err... English.


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3 hours!! GWHAHAHAHAHA!!! ::gets dragged away kicking and screaming in a straightjacket::

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    Nice Job!!1! Plo is vury tird. If youy catch any mistaks i make, it is becaus Im so incredubly tierd, I foirgot how to spll check. Oh wel. Sorry for teh lte updte. Wow, I am sooo tierd, I thimk I;ll go pass ot on teh lenolium flor in teh bathrom. *BAM* ZzzzZzzszZzzzz..... *wakes up* Oh yeah! And Diamond Dog! send me a e-male wit yer forum name so ya kin git yer badge... ::passes out and hits the toilet:: *Ow!*


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