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This artifice abnormality of atrophied appearance uses the same word for alliteration

Trick or Trick Kid

This artifice abnormality - Artifice means to be tricky. An abnormality is something not normal.

of atrophied appearance - His face was carved into. Atrophied means to wither, degrade, or wear away. Appearance means what you look like.

uses the same word for alliteration - Alliteration is where you use the same first letter of a word over and over again (e.g. reidman runs through rancid rigatoni). Saying Trick or Trick is saying the same word over.


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  • Plo's Crazy Comments:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Anthadd has done it!! He got 15!! He now has the blue badge!! ROCK THE HECK ON!!!! And great job to everyone else too! So, go literally knock yourselves out with this new question! It's some cerebellum squashing fun!!!


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