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The upper crust of the heated up coffee cup holder

High Class UFO

The upper crust - A phrase often used to describe high class *coughsnoody* people.

of the heated up - Scaraba is one of the several heated areas around the world. The High Class UFO is probably so hot from flying around out there, that it could probably do more damage if it just bumped into someone. Which brings up another question, why does Ness and his friends sweat like crazy in Dusty Dunes Desert and Scaraba, yet feel just fine inside a cave above a volcano? And just what IS the Apple of Enlightenment? And CAN Plo spend any more time between updating and going off on tangents? NOBODY KNOWS!!!

coffee cup holder - A coffee cup holder is a saucer. A High Class UFO is a 'flying' saucer. And if you put 2 and 2 together (or 3 and 3 if you're really good at math), it kinda maybe sorta makes some sense, heheh.


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    SWEET!! Great job ya load of winners! And to everyone else who played, Thanks! And to everyone who didn't play, Ploqaz is on his way over to leave you a great big present on your doorstep. Heh heh, hey, Looks like Mr. Accident got a badge! Congrats n' stuff! Anyway, sorry I haven't updated for a while. I've been sick with an awful flu, and I JUST finished my finals. I'll try to update a bit more often in the future. Oh, and the Plo award for Rampant Psychopathic updates go's to Sephy :-P


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