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It forms a guise, or at least it tries, an uncontrollable, gasping surprise

Poo's Mirror ability

It forms a guise, - A 'guise' is an appearance, which mirror forms.

or at least it tries, - Well, Poo may be highly disciplined, but there are still some things even he can't copy. I once tried mirror on Giygas.. Oh well, it was worth a shot anyway, heheh.

an uncontrollable, gasping surprise - When Poo tries to copy someone, he takes a deep breath. When he does, the narrator (I guess) says: Yikes! Poo transformed into... And once Poo takes on the form of the enemy, he'll be out of your control. Kinda like reidman when he's listening to Five Iron Frenzy ;-)


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  • Plo's Crazy Comments:

    Nice job! I heard a lot of other good answers, but they didn't fit ALL the clues, but thanks anyway! Yay, schools out for winter break! So to celebrate, heres a surprise update! I hope I can make these more often, heheh.


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