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A strange animate, it plays a song, given by force, and follows along

Mystical Record / Musica / Lil' Ghost

A strange animate, - The Mystical Record, the Musica, and the Lil' Ghost are all strangely animated creatures. (means it can move around for those of you whos brain had already exploded).

it plays a song, - The Mystical Record and the Musica are both devices used to make music, and the Lil' Ghost makes that eerie "ooo-ee-ooo" noise. Uhh, ::puts hand on back of neck:: I guess thats a song like thing.

given by force, and follows along - For the Mystical Record and the Musica, they're both in gift boxes. They'll chase ya down and try to lay the smackdown on you. Get it? A Gift given by force? Huh? HUH? AREN'T I CREATIVE? YES I THOUGHT SO. Uhh, anyway, the Lil' Ghost is given to you by a Zombie Possessor. Plus it stays with you until you either get it removed by a healer, or do what I did, mix it up with a Putrid Moldyman, start feeling funky, and SMAAAASH the lil' runt into oblivion!!


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Even I wonder why I haven't been fired yet

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