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Ruffini's deceptive petulant latrine

Enraged Fire Plug

Ruffini's - Ruffini is a dog who is possessed by a game designer. You don't really need to know that he's possessed, just that he's a dog.

deceptive petulant - Deceptive means to seem like something, yet be something else. When you first see the Enraged Fire Plug coming after you, it's a bunch of flames. But when the battle starts, it's a fire hydrant that shoots water at you. IT MAKES NO SENSE!! AHHHHH!!!!! Petulant means to be upset, or easy to upset. The name of the enemy is Enraged Fire Plug. Enraged means to be angry. See the connection? No? Then hit your head against the monitor a few more times. It should start to make sense well before the ambulance arrives.

latrine - A latrine is a toilet. Yes, the potty, the jhon, the crapper, the pot, the can, the, well you get what I'm saying. And as everyone knows, dogs like to relieve themselves on fire hydrants. YES, I'VE SEEN DOGS TAKE A WHIZ ON THEM BEFORE! IT MADE ME LOLOLROFLOL!


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    ROCK ON!!!! WOW! So many right answers in such a short time! Go take yourself out for pizza or something, cause that was a job well done! Hey, theres a lotta badge winners too! Congrats! Oh, and Bobo the Hobo, I need your forum name so you can get one too. Anyway, as you probably already heard on the front page, anyone with a red level badge can also get a forum rank of their choice. However, it is up to my discretion of whether or not what you want should be put up. Like, if you want the title "SSB:M Masta!!" Thats fine by me. But nothing like "reidman eats boogers for breakfast!". Also note I can change/delete it at any time if it ever does become a problem (this is a mini-FAQs, I'll update the real one later). Anyway, I hope that gets you excited! If you already have a red badge or higher *coughAnthadd*, simply e-mail me what you want it to say. And good luck on this latest installment of Plo's HARD Trivia for just 3 easy payments of $39.95-err, FREE!!!


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