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Just beyond the fallen, and just before the fall, profit is to be made, by the subterranean hall

Vendor between the underground graveyard passage and grapefruit falls. -or- The Monkey Cave

Just beyond the fallen, - The fallen, or in other words, the dead. You go past a graveyard to get to the vendor. As for the monkey cave, you have to go past a bunch of monkeys that have fallen through holes in the cave to get to their homes. This brings up an interesting question though, how do you use the bathroom without infuriating your neighbor? Hmmm...

and just before the fall, - You get to the vendor just before you reach the waterfall; grapefruit falls. With the monkey cave, you can get a fresh egg from a monkey before you have to fall into Talah Rama's section of the cave.

profit is to be made, - The vendor sells stuff to you for a profit, and you can get free eggs from a monkey in the monkey cave, which can then turn into chickens and be sold for $220!! This should be illegal or something!!!

by the subterranean hall - The vendor is waiting for customers by the underground passageway from threed. The monkey who sells you eggs is next to a hallway, which is also underground.


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    SMAAAAAASH-TASTIC!!!!! You guys rock! Everyone who played deserves a cookie, so go bake some! Anyway, I still need Bobo the Hobo's forum name, so gimmie it because you earned a badge. Good luck with this riddle everyone, and don't forget to get a squeegee so you can clean the brains off your monitor!!


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