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The unruly earthbound goddess shines brightly

Gaia Beam

The unruly - You get the broken antenna from the Uncontrollable Sphere, which in turn becomes the Gaia beam. Unruly means to be hard to control, and the sphere is 'uncontrollable'. Kinda like me on my update spurts, heh heh.

earthbound goddess - The greek goddess of earth is Gaia, (the 'earthbound' goddess). A lot of people thought the answer was Venus, but that doesn't work because shes not the 'earthbound' goddess, she's the goddess of love and beauty. And to the people who guessed 'Luna', you REALLY need to get out more.

shines brightly - The Gaia beam produces, just that, a beam. Such beams are highly concentrated rays of energy, which are so bright, they can burn or blast through solid objects. They're almost as destructive as Tomato's cold icy glare.


Days Posted:

6 (Yay! A conceivable numerical symbol for once!!)

Hint 1:

Far below, far beyond, and far away

Far below, - You get the broken antenna far under the ground.

far beyond, - The Gaia Beam is far beyond the power of all the rest of Jeff's equippable weapons.

and far away - The broken antenna you get from the Uncontrollable sphere is far away from everyone's home.

Hint 2:

Former combustion and bad reception

Former combustion - Former means it was something that happened in the past, and combustion means something explosive. The Uncontrollable sphere explodes when you defeat it. I guess it doesn't have many friends :-\

and bad reception - The Gaia beam used to be the broken antenna, until it was fixed. The antenna was broken, so... Unless you're handy with tinfoil and coat hangers, the reception will be bad.

Hint 3:

They're ain't no hint 3, fool!

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  • Plo's Crazy Comments:

    ROCK ON!!! This one was a HARD one, so go draw a :D on yourself! You deserve it! There were also a lot of other good guesses, so thanks for playing! I guess racking your brain to it's most extreme limits only to find you've lost is kinda a reward in itself... Or something sappy and consoling like that, heheh. Well good luck on the next one! And remember! It's not whether you win or lose, it's, oh wait, I think is it. Heheh, nevermind. NOW GO HAVE FUN DANGIT, OR PLOQAZ WILL THROW YOU TO THE RABID WOMBATS FROM MEXICO!!!


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