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The blazing heat, the burning feet, the dripping face, the wild chase

Desert Wolf, Criminal Catipillar/Master Criminal Worm

The blazing heat, - They're both in either Dusty Dunes Desert or Scaraba, and it's pretty danged hot there. Heh, kinda like where I live (Arizona), cept' it isn't all sandy, it's like a big forest of short stubby trees and cacti. Oh yeah, the cactus in Dusty Dunes Desert are saguaros (pronounced Sa-War-Oh's), which are native only to Arizona, and right outside the Arizonan border into Mexico. Wheee, now go impress your science teacher, or something.

the burning feet, - The Desert Wolf (which should be a coyote (pronounced kai-o-tee), as well as the catipillars/worms walk around on their feet, so they're probably a little scorched.

the dripping face, - When you're out in the desert, your face is sweating like crazy, and that kinda goes hand in hand with chasing the catipillars/worms. As for the desert wolf, it's drooling. Much like me when I'm near crackpie.

the wild chase - The Desert Wolf chases you down, and you have to chase down the catipillars/worms. I think Ness needs a 4 seater bicycle :-\.


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