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It may be the third strongest of its kind, but it's still beaming with reeling attacks

Spinning Robo and Cute Lil' UFO

It may be the third strongest of its kind, - The Spinning Robo and the Cute Lil' UFO are each the third strongest of their kind.

but it's still beaming - Both of them use beam attacks. Simple! :D

with reeling attacks - And, both of them spin around, or, reel.

Now, I've noticed most of you guessed the guardian moles in Dusty Dunes Desert, as they explicitly mention that they're the 3rd strongest of their kind. However, all of them are equal in strength; It's a gag in the game. But since that logic could still be argued somewhat, also note none of them have any beam attacks. AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS EASY!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


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