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Amongst all his brothers with earth shattering spears held high, no arms shall be taken up.

Helper Mole

Amongst all his brothers - There's quite a few of these little things. SOMEONE GET A SUPER SCOPE 6!! j/k!!;D

with earth shattering spears held high - They're wearing mining helmets and holding shovels. A shovel is kinda like a spear, except it's designed to break up and pull apart the ground, or in another word, shatter.

no arms shall be taken up. - These little guys are peaceful critters. To take up arms against something means to fight, or more literally, use weapons against. They aren't using their shovel for anything other than digging, and they don't fight you or anyone else anyway.


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Porkchop sandwiches!

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    w00tness!! You're all awsuma with da powa! Or something crazy like that, heheh. Well anyway, Here's another past-due-I-get-an-F update! So lets all enter so we can get/get better HARD Trivia badges! And don't worry, I'll be sure to fix up everyone with their badges on the new forum eventually. Yay! And I'll also be the one that everyone gets to yell at about all the other badges/ranks/avatars/namevatars. Yay x 2! And I'll probably be working on more icons, badges, namevatars, banners, and other such random stuff for the forum. Yay x 3! So if you're waiting for an avatar to be put up or need someone to make you one (and only if you've earned it), send an e-mail my way and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Yay x my social life is over! HAVEFUNBYE!!!!!


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